Elementary 1×15: An offer you must refuse

Elementary 1x15: A Giant Gun, Filled With Drugs

Elementary 1×15: A Giant Gun, Filled With Drugs

Elementary 1×15: A Giant Gun, Filled With Drugs
Another old acquaintance visits Holmes. Rhys is Sherlock’s former drug dealer and just received a video of his kidnapped daughter. Because he can’t get the police involved he asks Sherlock for help. Watson isn’t pleased with the fact Rhys is staying in Sherlock’s house, because of their past. She even threatens him after she discovers he is doing drugs in the house. Drugs are also the thing that’s got him into this mess. Seems like the Columbians are after the money he stole from them to retire.

Rhys even suggests that Sherlock was beter at his job when he was on drugs. Desperate times call for desperate measure, because a few hours later Rhys offers Sherlock cocaine. I really don’t like seeing Sherlock on the verge of relapse. Luckily he gets mad at Rhys and rejects the drugs. To solve the case he even calls his dad for the ransom money. I wonder if he found out Watson is lying about her contract as his sober companion. Luckily Sherlock finds his confidence back right at the moment the Columbians come after him. Rhys and Watson have to deal with a undercover cop who keeps them hostage. After a struggle and the loss of Angus (Sherlock’s bust) they manage to free themselves and Rhys daughter is also found alive.

It’s no surprise this episode wasn’t as great as the one after the Superbowl. Although I really enjoy the British and Scottish actors who have guest appearances on the show. – 7

This week’s favorite quote
Sherlock talking about Twitter: “Excruciating medium. Demonstrates that brevity does not protect against dullness. That said, it does serve as a modern-day equivalent of a diary, so who’s to say it won’t turn up a suspect?”


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