Revenge 2×13: Jack and Faux-manda live happily ever after

Revenge 2x13: Union

Revenge 2×13: Union

Revenge 2×13: Union
Revenge is back. Why can’t they just let that goddamn boat sink?! Sorry dear viewers, I just really want to know what happens on the Amanda (who dies for instance – although Nate Ryan is my best guess). Waiting 13 episodes is just too long.

Back to this week’s episode. Aiden is off the grid, to be found in the shadows of Nolan’s office. Luckily they have a nerd on the Revenge team, because after some hacking around a few systems Aiden finds out his sister has been dead for six years. Aiden is hurt and Emily feels left alone after he claims she doesn’t have any emotions running through her body. Aiden, you are talking to a woman!

A woman who is about to send of the love of her life (or at least when her name was Amanda Clarke) to marry the woman who she switched identities with. Auch. I felt very sorry for Emily at the wedding (mostly because of those adorable flashbacks). Luckily Aiden witnessed Emily’s tears from afar and they made up afterwards (maybe they get back together, because Daniel broke up with Emily).

In the meantime Nolan confronts Padma with her behavior. He finds out that the Initiative kidnapped her father. Talking about the Initiative… Victoria overhears a conversation between Daniel and Helen Crowley which reminded her of the way they framed David Clarke. Victoria decides to speak up and let Daniel on the secret she tried to hide. Of course Helen Crowley knows Victoria spilled the beans and visit her at the Grayson manor. Before we know it, Victoria is the one avenging David Clarke’s death and she kills Helen! WOW, major shock! Best thing after that, she casually drinks a cocktail next to her body. I hope the writers are going to minimize the Initiative storyline after this development.

A very important development this episode is Amanda threatening Conrad after the Porters find out about Conrad and Nate’s plans to change their beloved docks (PS: Emily that’s the worst password protection ever!). Conrad wants to let it go, but Nate Ryan isn’t pleased. When we see Amanda and Jack sail off for their honeymoon (after leaving baby Carl with Declan and Charlotte), we see Nate aboard of the boat looking very creepy.

Okay, the episode wasn’t bad, but somehow I expected the wedding and the sinking boat to be in the same episode. – 7

This week’s favorite quote
Nolan: “Who knew ‘officiant’ was French for ‘wedding bitch’?”
Faux-manda: “I would say I don’t deserve you… But if you’ve taught me one thing, it’s that everyone deserves love and hope and security.”
Nolan: “Hey, careful who you’re calling black, little kettle.”


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