Nashville 1×13: Free falling

Nashville 1x13: There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight

Nashville 1×13: There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight

Nashville 1×13: There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight
Rayna just got the news Teddy wants a divorce and she is in shock. She even misses her cue on stage, although her performance looked more sassy than usual because of it. Afterwards they have a party where Liam shows up without an agenda. If you wondered what Liam said to Rayna when he handed over the champagne… it was Dutch: “Op je gezondheid” which basically means “Cheers”. Always fun when shows allow these inside jokes which are related to the actor’s background.

After Deacon checks in on what’s going with Rayna, she decides to bail with “no string attached” Liam. After some drinking and doing two-step they head back to his hotelroom. They make out and Rayna goes inside for a nightcap, but after a second make-out session she has a breakdown in the bathroom. They end up on the floor in the bathroom talking about her divorce and the influence of Liam’s parents, who are also divorced, on his life. Maybe it wasn’t the hot and heavy stuff you expected to happen between them after seeing the promo, but I’m actually glad they didn’t go that far. Although I liked the idea of Liam being the new obstacle before Rayna and Deacon can get together. After her night with Liam, Rayna returns home to tell her kids about the divorce. Her oldest daughter later tells her about a phone conversation between Teddy and Peggy which she overheard. Teddy cheating on Rayna with Peggy was certainly news for Rayna.

Back in Nashville Gunnar’s brother Jason shows up, claiming he wants to turn his life around and got rid of the gun. Scarlett doesn’t want him staying at their place, but eventually caves in after Gunnar tells about driving the getaway car when his brother got arrested. The three of them even jam a little the next morning. Which makes Scarlett’s heart melt a little more and she agrees to let him stay a few days longer. That’s probably a terrible decision, because when we see Jason changing into another outfit, the gun appears to be still in his bag. Oh, oh. Will he screw up the upcoming deal of Scarlett and Gunnar at Rayna’s new record label?! I hope the writers don’t go there. Ow, before I forgot, Gunnar’s ex Hailey is trying to get Avery’s publishing rights. Welcome back to the love rectangle!

In the meantime Juliette is busy changing her show by losing all the glitter and glamour. Glenn wasn’t pleased about that and after a huge blow-out in the hallways of the hotel he quits. When Juliette returns home, she walks into an empty house without a husband, manager or any other crew or family member present. Guess it’s lonely at the top… Juliette even calls her mom to move in with her after she gets out of rehab. Juliette started to grow on me during the season, but I get why Glenn was done with her. She could have easily ended the tour (because it was only a couple of months) and work on a new show when she brings out a new album. She was being really impatient and I guess Glenn would have agreed with her about growing up and changing her music a little bit when she starts with a new project. It would have gave him some time to adjust. – 8,5

This week’s favorite quote
Liam: “No strings? We made half an album, we’re practically married.”
Scarlett referring to last week’s conversation with Gunnar about moving in: “Wanna make a rule about nakedness around here?”


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