Pretty Little Liars 3×19: Sugar, we are going down

Pretty Little Liars 3x19: What Becomes of the Broken Hearted

Pretty Little Liars 3×19: What Becomes of the Broken Hearted

Pretty Little Liars 3×19: What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
I have to admit sometimes Pretty Little Liars can really scare the crap out of you. This week was one of them. Emily and Jason are investigating the theory of Detective Wilden being Ali’s baby daddy. They go to the office of Jason’s father to find a collage of Ali’s holiday in Cape May. After they find a picture of Ali, Wilden and Cece (who claimed not to know him) they get stuck in the elevator. Emily has to jump out of the elevator back in to the office. After she made the freakishly scary jump the elevator starts to move again and drops down to the bottom of the shaft with Jason still in it. He has to be rushed to the hospital. When he says to Emily someone stole the picture and wants the members of the N.A.T. club dead he mysteriously disappears.

This was basically the best part of the episode. The rest of the episode revolved around Hanna trying to fix things between Caleb and his dad (who steals money from the church after he got a job there to fix the Bell tower – which was another attempt of Hanna to keep him closer to Caleb). Spencer loses it a little bit more, by doing strip declathon with the nerd hottie. Wren shows up to check in on her after Mona made a call. Because of that Spencer literally jumps Mona and tries to strangle her. Oops. Aria and Wes are getting closer when he wants to leave town after his mother found him at Ezra’s. She asks if he could help her with a photography job at Cece’s first. When Cece leaves (and doesn’t return but calls with a weird lie) the two grow even closer and Aria offers him to crash at her place. Wes is such a mini Ezra and I have to admit they are a better fit (and not just because of the age issue). Back in Aria’s bedroom he kisses Aria, which startles her. Oops, how is she going to explain cheating on an absent Ezra with his little brother?!

It’s seems the writers want to make us (the viewers) think Cece is the girl with the red coat. I have a feeling that’s just a bit too easy. Cece is probably just another bitchy person, but not A. This episode scores an extra point (okay 0,5), because of the scary elevator scene! – 7,5/8

This week’s favorite quote
Spencer: “Well, I was about to show Andrew my cupcakes.”


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