The Carrie Diaries 1×05: Clash of the titans

The Carrie Diaries 1x05: Dangerous Territory

The Carrie Diaries 1×05: Dangerous Territory

The Carrie Diaries 1×05: Dangerous Territory
Carrie tries to get her driver’s license this week, but when she looks in her rearview mirror she sees Donna and Sebastian make-out and almost runs them over. Oops. Luckily there is a hot new guy in her life, the privileged son of Harlan Silver (a.k.a. Max from Gilmore Girls): George. He invites her to his mother’s soiree on the Upper East Side (you can almost spot Lily Rhodes somewhere in the background if you use your imagination).

Seems like everything is going great for Carrie, because even her boss starts to like her and helps her out with picking the perfect dress. Although perfect?! George forgot to mention it’s formal instead of cocktail, so they have to add a few tutu’s to make it work. George’s mom Kick isn’t a fan of the girl from the suburbs. George seem to agree with his mother and Carrie decides to make a dramatic exit. Cue for Carrie running down the streets of New York in heels. When George catches up with her he explains he likes that she is different than his other hypocrite friends. They return to his mother’s home, who is still not amused, but when Carrie plays the dead mom card (which I’m kind of over it now) Kick realizes she is talking to THE Carrie Bradshaw, the daughter of her former best friend. Time for some catching up, right?!

In the meantime Carrie’s dad loses his wedding ring and freaks out. Harlan thinks it’s a good thing and it turns out he might be right. When Tom almost runs over a woman with his car he brings her home and they exchange numbers.

Back in the High School world Donna tries to take over the diner and Maggie isn’t amused. A nice bitch fight follows (pushing each other and fake tripping with a plate full of french fries). After Maggie confronts Sebastian with the fact he is stealing Carrie’s safe place they leave. Sebastian is so not over Carrie.

In the meantime Walt teaches Mouse about having sex so she can impress her boyfriend. Seth – her boyfriend – is actually kind of an ass, because he thinks it’s okay for him to sleep with other people while they were broken up, but Mouse wasn’t allowed to. Double standards, yuck. They could kill this character in my opinion. Clearly the only reason for him to be around is to add a little bit of sex (talk) to the show.

I just realized Larissa wasn’t in this episode and I’m actually kind of okay with it. It’s still ridiculous that neither Larissa nor her dad asks who Carrie hangs out with (and more specifically where) all the time. I’m glad the writers are focusing more on Carrie’s high school life. She is only a teenager after all and she should spend more time with her friends than she has been doing. – 7/7,5

This week’s favorite quote
Maggie: “So a… cute rich guy who is taking a gap year between high school and college invited you to a fancy Upper East Side party, and you said no? Is something wrong with you?”
Maggie: “Adorable and rich trumps stupid and lazy any day.”


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