Suburgatory 2×12: I’m here to talk about my body

Suburgatory 2x12: Body Talk

Suburgatory 2×12: Body Talk

Suburgatory 2×12: Body Talk
You know that moment when you realize your after school schedule is quite more pathetic (I mean, cricket-sound-effect empty) than your boyfriend’s? Tessa does. She decides to look for an after school activity for herself and by miracle (!), turns out there’s a spot open at the school tv production team.

On her first day producing Teen Talk, an exciting program where teenage viewers can call in for questions, Tessa encounters a slight problem. The host is sick. Not sick like rad yeah super cool bro, but sick sick. Three guesses who needs to fill in the job for the day! If you guessed Tessa first, you guessed just as predictable AND wrong as I did. If you guessed Ryan, you go through to the next round. Congratulations.

As the new host, Ryan throws in the most intriguing subject Chatswin High knows of: his body. Quite unsure about the level of superficial here, Tessa achieves the highest ratings for Body Talk ever (Body Talk is the new show name by the way) and so she goes with the flow. Then again, seeing her name in literally every credit line after another episode discussing the size of Ryan’s biceps, she cannot hold herself in any longer. While Tessa yells she wants her name out of the show, Ryan admits that he’s only hosting it out of pity for her since she is not as popular as he is. (Oh no he didn’t! *Finger snap*) That’s the cue for a major fight between the love birds. Ryan storms off and Tessa is determined to do the show all on her own. Wonder if we’ll notice that in viewer ratings… and if the two of them will make things right again. (The answer to both questions has three letters and starts with a Y.)

Meanwhile, George finds out the majority of Dallas’ property belongs to outside the Chatswin borders, which technically makes her an East Chatswin citizen. (Apparently you’re supposed to gasp as a reaction to that sentence). Telling her this information in a public restaurant was not a good idea. Now every Chatswin-sie has heard and Dallas gets banned from the community whereby she loses all the privileges that come along with that. No more spa treatments for Yakult and Dalia gets transferred to another school where she is no longer popular. Dallas refuses to live in a house that’s not situated in Chatswin and decides to call George’s car her new home sweet home. She’s forced to visit non-Chatswin places now, where they serve – hold on to your onesies – NON-FRUITED water! The horror! In short, it’s a mess. George and Noah try to clean that mess up, but that’s really not that easy. But, where there is a will, there’s a way. Right Noah?

An okay episode it was. Skipping Dallas’ storyline would have been just fine by me. – 7

This week’s favorite quote
– Tessa, after the “grand” facility tour which included a chair and a phone: “Well I hope I can remember where everything is.”


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