Arrow 1×14: We all need a little help sometimes

Arrow 1x14: The Odyssey

Arrow 1×14: The Odyssey

Arrow 1×14: The Odyssey
The Hood visits Moira Queen, but he goes soft for a minute when his mom begs for her life because she doesn’t want her kids to be orphans. Not a smart move, because before we know it Ollie gets shot! He gets away and hides in the car of the only person he can trust: Felicity.

“Hey girl, about those B.S. stories I have been telling you… it’s because I like wearing green eyeshadow and a hoodie. Could you give me a ride to my secret lair before you get an even bigger bloodstain in your car?” Okay, I’m just kidding, but this was basically the conversation. I’m really glad Felicity found out what Ollie is up to. She is a smart and funny girl and very useful to the team. I was thrilled to hear Emily Bett Rickards who plays Felicity Smoak will be a series regular in Arrow’s second season (read about it here). Her wittiness is a great addition to the show.

But back to a shot Ollie. He goes into cardiac arrest and dreams of to his time on the island. Usually I’m not a fan of the island storylines, they are a bit boring but this week it was much better. He tried to escape from the island with is new friend Steve Wilson. But of course Ollie doesn’t stick to the plan, because he finally gained a conscious after being the bad boy slash spoiled rich kid all this time. I don’t know the comic books, so I’m very interesting why his and Yao Fei’s daughter Shado have matching tattoos. Plus it was nice the writers gave Diggle a chance to talk about his believes and reasons to join Ollie’s team. Let’s hope Felicity will join their team for real soon. – 7,5/8

This week’s favorite quote
Felicity: “I’m guessing how and why are Oliver Queen’s least favorite questions.” Diggle: “Yeah, well, there’s also when and where, he’s not too fond of.”
Felicity: “I may be blonde, but I’m not that blonde.”
Felicity: “Your system looked like it was from the eighties, and not the good part of the eighties, like Madonna and, well, leg warmers.”


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