Elementary 1×16: Could have been a knife

Elementary 1x16: Details

Elementary 1×16: Details

Elementary 1×16: Details
Looks like someone is out on Detective Bell. After a drive-by shooting he gets framed for several crimes involving a gangster he used to try to get behind bars. We even meet his brother Andre, who just got out of jail. During the whole episode I was guessing in which dance movie he starred, because most of the time when I recognize a black actor it’s because I’ve already seen his wicked dance moves somewhere. But it turns out Malcolm Goodwin was Shea on Breakout Kings, a great show by the way! Everyone tries to clear his name (even a statement written in blood) because Bell is a good guy.

In the meantime Sherlock tries to convince Joan to take some self defense lessons. The reason behind it, is because he found out that Watson lied about her renewed contract as his sober companion. He offers to become his partner and she takes it! I’m so happy that they finally reached their natural balance (or at least more similar to the original Holmes story). It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the sober storyline, I’m just glad the writers decided not to drag it out. They both love to do this line of work and Watson has proven to be a natural at it. – 8/8,5

This week’s favorite quote
Sherlock Holmes: “I know that you lied to me several weeks ago when you said that my father had renewed your contract. I found out when I telephoned him last week. I’m not angry. If anything, I am grateful. You saw that I was in a raw state, and you stayed to see me through it. Now, when I learned of the lie, however, I deliberately adopted a more sanguine mood. I wanted you to see that I was well again so you could… move on. But the most curious thing happened. You stayed. Days passed, then a week. It became clearer and clearer that you were not staying for me, but for yourself.”
Sherlock Holmes: “It’s difficult for you to say aloud, I know, so I won’t ask you to. Rather, I would ask you to consider a proposal. Stay on permanently. Not as my sober companion, but as my companion.”
Sherlock Holmes: “I am… better with you, Watson. Um, I’m sharper, I’m more focused. Difficult to say why, exactly. Perhaps, in time, I’ll solve that, as well.”

Also loved their last scene together (girl power!):
Sherlock Holmes: “Congratulations on your new career, Watson.”
Joan Watson: “Just one more thing for this to work.”
Sherlock Holmes: “Yes, what’s that?” [Joan hits him in the head with a basketball] “Ow!”
Joan Watson: “Could have been a knife.”


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