Suits 2×15: Till death do us part

Suits 2x15: Normandy

Suits 2×15: Normandy

Suits 2×15: Normandy
Business is bad at Pearson Hardman, so bad they can’t even pay for simple resources. Dana Scott already tries to steal their clients, but Harvey gets her firm to bankroll the whole operation against Folsom Foods. I’m not sure if I like Scottie… first off all she manipulates him. Plus I’m not really a fan of Scottie and Harvey hooking up. It makes him seem more like a bad boy without a conscious, when he clearly proved with Zoe there is an actual human underneath his usual act. Although they get the evidence to prove the gender discrimination at Folsom Foods. Which was some nice teamwork.

Back in the office Rachel gets bad news about Harvard. She didn’t get in and her world falls apart. Louis suspects Sheila is getting back at him by declining Rachel a spot at Harvard. He even tries to right this wrong, but fails because Rachel’s good wasn’t good enough. But he doesn’t tell Rachel that. Which was actually a sweet thing to do. Otherwise she would have stopped believing in herself yet again.

In the meantime Mike and Katerina are being super childish. They clearly have some stuff to work out. But I think it was really low of Katerina to call out on Rachel and Mike having a nice time together (because they clearly aren’t together anymore).

In the end Jessica finally finds a solution to the pain in her ass called Daniel Hardman. She is going to merge with Scottie’s firm, so she had to show the books to her new partner. Who figured out on his own that Daniel embezzled money from the firm. But Harvey isn’t happy about the merger. The next episode will be the season two finale of Suits and I’m sure this season will end with a bang! Can’t wait to see it. – 7,5

This week’s favorite quote
Harvey to Donna who’s fixing his suit and hairdo: “It’s a client meeting, not a bachelor auction.”
Harvey to Jessica: “Well, if it doesn’t, you could always have James Bond take care of it for you.”
Jessica’s response: “That reminds me. How are things going with Pussy Galore?”
Mike walks in and says: “Um, I believe, at this point, she’s still flying missions for Goldfinger. ‘No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.'”


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