Go On 1×16: Hippie fart fest

Go On 1x16: Go Deep

Go On 1×16: Go Deep

Go On 1×16: Go Deep
Sometimes Go On can get a tiny bit too crazy and this was one of those episode. First of all I’m not a fan of the meditating stuff which was a big part of the episode. So I might not be entirely objective when it comes to this episode. I was actually glad Simone admitted she exaggerated her transformative meditative experience (after annoying me for several minutes). Plus it was funny that Ryan basically had no depth at all.

It was also fun to see Terrell Owens guest star again as Ryan’s personal assistent while Carrie is away. Although it was slightly over the top to have him burst out a tune every second he was onscreen. My favorite storyline was Lauren trying to find out who wrote a bad review about her, because the girl can’t handle critic. The search included a lot of sexy Fausta photos and a little help from Yolanda and George (who was a detective once apparently). I think the final scene was hilarious when Ryan tried to interrupt Yolanda again and Lauren used a special sign made by Mr. K (I made an extra screencap below!). – 7

This week’s favorite quote
Mr. K: “Can I use cut-up magazine letters? I do it as fast as typing.”
Yolanda about Fausta’s sexy face: “It’s the only way you can photograph her. If the camera comes out, she gets sexy.”
Steven: “Why are you dressed like my pillow?”
Sonia: “Great. Group vegetarian B.O. Pass.”
Ryan: “The old Ryan would have agreed with you. He would have seen this trip as some kind of hippie fart fest, but Simone is broadening my horizons.”


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