Pretty Little Liars 3×20: A one-woman rumor factory

Pretty Little Liars 3x20: Hot Water

Pretty Little Liars 3×20: Hot Water

Pretty Little Liars 3×20: Hot Water
Ezra is back and his mom tries to ruin the lives of every woman he ever dated. I really like Aria, but Ezra is so boring… Ezra’s arrival also means the departure of Wes. I think Aria can’t keep their kiss a secret for long.

Emily and Hanna try to find out how much Paige knows about the creep at Halloween. But that’s not the only trouble Hanna has to deal with. Detective Wilden threatens her mother after checking in on the girls. Ashley panicks and hits him with her car, when he reaches for his gun. He is acting really paranoia and he even gets Cece to leave town. Spencer reconnects with Wren, but has to pay for it when she goes in the extravagant shower of the Hastings. Luckily Aria is right on time to save her from being steamed to dead. After that event she decides to come clean with the girls about Toby. Yay, Spencer!

I think it’s obvious Wilden is hiding something. The only thing I’m not sure of is his involvement in her death. Who is obviously on the A-army is Melissa. She always appears in the Ali stories. So I’m past the point that she is just an innocent bystander. – 7/7,5

This week’s favorite quote
Hanna talking about Cece: “She’s a one-woman rumor factory.”
Aria: “You’re not the only one that could use a little team ‘Sparia’.
Aria: “Spencer, I know that you don’t want a friend right now, but that doesn’t mean that your friends don’t need you.”


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