Smash 2×01: Broadway here I come

Smash 2x01: On Broadway

Smash 2×01: On Broadway

Smash 2×01: On Broadway
The season one finale left us at the Boston stage and that is where we find ourselves once again at the beginning of season two. Beholding Bombshell’s closing night with Marilyn-Karen singing something along the lines ‘I’m moving oooooooooon’. Which is quite justly actually, since we can conclude after just a few minutes that apparently everyone did just that. Move on. Buh-bye season one problems: Ivy did not overdose, Karen moved in with a new roommate and has her you-go-girl moment by throwing away Dev’s letter, Julia and Frank are trying again and Derek, well Derek casually sits in the backseat of a taxi. One thing that didn’t move on is the Karen-Ivy rivalry. Good thing something stayed the same.

Next morning, the Bombshell cast and crew come together for applauding a job well done in Boston. Eileen announces she’s determined to make a next move, one to Broadway. Without prejudice, they decide to extend all contracts, unless the creative team later on decides differently due to creative changes. Now that Karen’s pretty much like the “teacher’s favorite” (and P.O’d that Ivy slept with Dev), should Ivy worry? Yup.

Eileen has her meeting with Jordan from St. James theatre to get Bombshell booked at this Broadway stage. And succeeds! But don’t go popping bottles just yet, cause when ex-hubby Jerry hears the news he gets busy texting. Something about an evil plan, very bad-guy-from-a-tv-series-ish. Jerry knows his ways to sabotage.

Derek takes Karen to see Broadway star Veronica Moore perform. (Can I just say between parentheses how GLAD I am with Jennifer Hudson as a cast member?) After the show they chitter-chatter backstage about stardom, advice and inspirational tony award speeches. How lovelyZzzzzZzzz.
Derek however probably should have stuck to that kind of subjects the next day, when he talks to a journalist. Would have been better than discussing the previous difficulties with Rebecca Duval. Just sayin’, that probably wouldn’t have turned into sexual harassment headlines.

Being the good friend he is, Tom decides to protect Julia from (not only the harsh review-comments on Julia’s work on Bombshell, but also) the truth about her marriage when he stumbles upon Frank, with another lady.

Eileen’s hosting an evening soiree for the press to introduce them to Bombshell as the next Broadway hit. Besides a funky performance (and awesome song) by Veronica and Karen, things go anything but smoothly this evening. Eileen receives a phone call from Jordan (you know, from St. James theatre) announcing that he’s not coming. While Veronica and Karen’s pipes distract the press from his absence, Eileen figures out what is wrong. Meanwhile, Karen and Derek almost kiss, Derek lets Ivy go from the show (commissioned by Karen), Ivy emotionally apologizes to Karen, Tom tells Julia about Frank, Julia and Frank get in a major fight and put a final end to their marriage, Julia cries and admits she did read the reviews and is worried all she does will fail. Phew, not a boring night.

It gets even less boring when Eileen tells the others that the show is off. Bombshell is put under investigation, because someone tipped off the government about the money that has been used to finance the show. The money Eileen’s boyfriend conjured from behind his beer tap is not legal? What a shocker (!)

Being jobless, husbandless and all, Julia moves in with Tom. Karen’s moping around because she’s no longer Marilyn. Right after signing someone’s failed-musicals-collection-book she stumbles upon something pretty darn great…

I was curious to see how Smash would continue after season one, since the major story line (the “Who will become Marilyn?” one) ended. On one side, it was weird how quickly they wrapped up every story line from first season, for instance you would have expected to see some aftermath from Ivy’s suicidal moment, but eventually it was good they did. Starting all over with a clean slate. Kind of.
It was interesting to see how the writers changed Karen from the nice, innocent girl in season one to someone who lets other people get fired in season two. I’ve always been rooting for Karen, but we now get a chance to feel more sympathy for Ivy’s character. That said, I absolutely adore this show’s cast and music and am REALLY happy it’s back. Now let’s give it the ratings it deserves people. – 8,5/9

To celebrate Smash’s return: MUSIC PLAYLIST

This week’s favorite quote
Tom: “Why don’t you just stay here? It’ll be like old times. Or a sit com.”


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