Arrow 1×15: I’m not Robin Hood

Arrow 1x15: Dodger

Arrow 1×15: Dodger

Arrow 1×15: Dodger
Last episode Felicity sort of joined the Arrow team, but when Ollie tries to make a kid of a bad guy homeless she calls it quits. When Ollie makes an exception for The Dodger (a guy who puts bomb collars around his victims to steal something for him) she is back in. They try to lure the Dodger in by displaying some pretty jewels, but things go a tiny bit wrong when Felicity gets one of his collars around her neck. Cue to a great scene with Ollie on a motorcycle chasing the criminal down the streets of Starling City. Seeing him in a suit with a helmet on gave me a Daft Punk videoclip vibe. Of course Arrow saves the day. Although he wasn’t happy about the Robin Hood comparison between him and the Dodger.

I like Felicity influence on the guys plus the words she uses like flirty flirt and crush object. She even forces Ollie and Diggle to go out on a date. Diggle almost messes things up with his sister-in-law Carly because he starts talking about her dead husband, but they make up in the end. Ollie hooks up with McKenna the detective, but her questions about his time on the island and she being assigned to the vigilante case might not be the best foundation for their relationship.

Thea meets a Teen Wolfalicious guy – Roy Harper – from the wrong side of the tracks (The Glades of course). He steals her vintage bag, but when she hears his sob story about his mom and Vertigo (although I think it was fake) she feels bad for him. I read some spoilers about Roy Harper’s storyline in the comic books and I think they look very promising. But even if the writers to change up that storyline a bit I’m really excited that former Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes joined Arrow. He was great on that show as the kanima and I was sad his character was killed off because of all the contract troubles.

Before I forget, Moira wants out of the Undertaking business. So she met a Chinese guy who arranged a meeting with China White. If you wonder about Moira’s request? Well she wants to have Malcolm assassinated. But you could already guess that is going to be really hard, with him being the Dark Archer and stuff.

Although this week’s episode turned out a little different then I expected, it was nice to watch. – 7,5

This week’s favorite quote
Felicity: “I had a bet going with myself on how quickly you two would visit. Tell me not to reveal your secret. Looks like I won.”
Ollie talking to Felicity about how he usual gets his information: “I find the person. And then I put the fear of God into them until they talk. But we can try your way.”
Felicity: “Is this really how you guys figure out how to get your target? Over burgers and shakes?”
The Dodger: “I’m exactly like you. I only steal from the rich.”
Ollie’s response: “I’m not Robin Hood.”


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