Elementary 1×17: You are a detective now, you tell me

Elementary 1x17: Possibility Two

Elementary 1×17: Possibility Two

Elementary 1×17: Possibility Two
Watson will get a more prominent part during the crime parts of the episodes, because Sherlock started with his deductive skills training. He asks her several times to assess a situation. Because of their changing “relationship” they divide certain jobs around the house. Watson has to go to the dry cleaners who are Russian for instance. In the end it seemed it was a test, which Watson passed.

The big case this weekend is about someone messing with rich people’s genetics to give them a disease called hereditary cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA) which causes them to have dementia in it’s early stages. It was an interesting case, but the fun part was Sherlock and Watson trying to figure out which molecule a killed doctor sent them. Watson rambling on about her genetics professor and the molecule to Sherlock, like he usual would do was hilarious. Apparently there is a fine line between genius and mad when it comes to deductive skills.

I really enjoy where the writers are taking the storylines. Let’s hope they can keep this up. – 8,5

This week’s favorite quote
Sherlock Holmes: “Detection is not just a skill, Watson. It’s a point of view. You must train yourself to be alert to the bizarre, the unusual, that which has no place in any given picture.”
Sherlock Holmes: “I wanted you to learn to trust your own instincts. A good detective knows that every task, every interaction, no matter how seemingly banal, has the potential to contain multitudes. I live my life alert to this possibility. I expect my colleagues to do the same.”
Sherlock Holmes: “You are a detective now, you tell me.”


2 thoughts on “Elementary 1×17: You are a detective now, you tell me

  1. It was great! It was fun to watch the transition of Watson this episode. At first she was a bit shy and unsure of herself and in the end she owned the place 🙂

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