Hart of Dixie 2×15: Purple hair and a zombie proposal

Hart of Dixie 2x15: The Gambler

Hart of Dixie 2×15: The Gambler

Hart of Dixie 2×15: The Gambler
Everyone seems to hit a rough path in Bluebell. Annabeth tries to mend fences with Lemon. Luckily Crickett has an app which tracks Lemon’s whereabouts so she and Annabeth stage several run-ins. Lemon tries to avoid them by bonding with her little sister. Which include an inappropriate dress for Magnolia and purple hair for both of the Breelands. When Lemon has a nervous breakdown infront of Walt he breaks up with her.

Who are also on the verge of breaking up are Wade en Zoe. Wade tries to win Battle of the Bands to get a ton of money for his bar. At the beginning of the episode he looked like a knight in shining armor playing his guitar on Meatball’s truck, but when we see the band preform Growl Country Zoe does everything to make sure Meatball is out of the band and George steps in as the new singer. She means well, but Wade is freaking out and thinks he is going to lose her if he doesn’t win the competition. After firing George he goes on stage with Meatball and loses the competition. When a girl (who actually turns to be Stephen – Arrow – Amell’s wife Cassandra Jean – you might recognize her from America’s Next Top Model) comes up to him, he decides to go back at being the old Wade and goes home with her.

Zoe is not there to witness it, because Tom Long’s proposal with a carriage and a couple of horses gave him a whiplash. Also Lavon overheard Wanda saying she didn’t want to get married. Poor guy, they looked so sweet when they stood in for a military couple. But surprise, surprise! Wanda was working on her own proposal, which included a lot of zombies in townsquare singing Islands In The Stream (Tom’s favorite song). Although you could have seen this segment in the previews online and it looked kind of cheesy on YouTube, I must say it was super adorable in the show itself. I guess adorable is the word Hart of Dixie should claim as a show, because Tansy not wanting to date musicians but making an exception for George was adorable too. By the way could anyone get me a GIF of Zoe and Lavon dance moves during the zombie scene?! Plus I loved Lavon decided to stand up for himself and tell Annabeth he will wait for her.

At this point I’m okay where every relationship is going. I’m okay with Zade breaking up, because they have been horrible together these last two episodes. I think it will be good for them to realize they miss each other and have small arcs with other persons as well (Jonah Breeland and Zoe please!). – 7/7,5

This week’s favorite quote
Wade: “You know, nothing’s a sure thing. Except death and taxes.”
Tom: “I know, I’m a Hallmark card, I can’t help it.”


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