Smash 2×02: They just keep moving the line

Smash 2x02

Smash 2×02: The Fall Out

Smash 2×02: The Fall Out
After stumbling upon Jimmy behind his piano, Karen tries to get in touch with him. The musical he and Kyle are working on seems to be this wonderful new thing she’s looking for ever since Bombshell dropped (that was like one day ago right?). So in favor of the boys (but mostly herself) she tries to talk to Jimmy about his work. He nicely rudely turns down her offer, but Kyle talks Karen into a secret coffee meeting to look at music note scribbles together. Scribbles do not convince ms. Cartwright, but as she initiates to leave, Kyle begs her to play one of the songs they have so far. If she likes it, she’s more than welcome to join the party him and Jimmy throw that evening.

Good news! Eileen knows a guy who knows a guy at the federal government and now most money problems seems to be solved. Ha, that was quick. Bombshell is not allowed to rehearsal again just yet, but Eileen’s planning on convincing all industry people at the American Theatre Wing Gala tonight. She’s barely announced another performance of Karen, when the phone rings and she hears she is no longer on the guest list. So far the plan… But Eileen knows her ways out of problems and sometimes an ex-husband can come in just quite handy. She asks Jerry to get her a seat for the night and changes plans. Derek, Tom, Julia and herself will go and therefore she needs everyone to be on their best behavior. No fighting, no scandals, no drama. Suuuuure, not a problem at-all! If only Tom is able to patch up and dust of Julia, who secretly has been glued to his couch for a week now. She hasn’t been quite the sunshine and roses after her break up with Frank and is far from ready for an evening with judgy industry people. Tom agrees to come up with another excuse for her absence. What will it be this time? The dog ate her homework? Car broke down? There’s been a Real Housewives Marathon on?

While Ivy and Sam stroll down NYC, moping around Ivy’s inability to get a callback for e-Harmony commercials, they encounter an old colleague. The woman turns out to have quit the bizz and is doing pretty well for herself. Ivy starts doubting her future in musical theatre.

Derek loses his directing job at The Wiz thanks to more accusations of sexual harassment. Now sure Derek is nothing like an angel, but since when is it wrong to ask out a female dancer on a date? When he visits one of them to ask for an explanation, he gets the truth shoved up in his nose. “Did you really think women say yes because they actually like you and not because you’re a powerful director?” Ouch. Hurt by the fact all women have lied to him (right, should I call in for a wambulance?) Derek finds his only friend in Mr. Whiskey. Who knew that drink would go so well with a good old Eurythmics cover? Props to Katharine, Jack and Megan for holding in their laughs, almost entirely. I completely forgive the half lip syncing for that. Together with last season’s A Thousand and One Nights Smash proves to do well in silly daydream scenes. How to not make sense, but still be so highly entertaining!

Running out of excuses, Tom keeps convincing people that everything is fine with him and Julia. To get rid of all the questions he speaks too quickly and promises that they’ll be at Theatre Wing Gala thing together. To give a speech even. (Right, he probably should have kept it with flu and homework-eating dogs) On the bright side, the lie gets Julia excited to go out again. Yes, she heard as well, and is in full believe she has to do a speech. Oh oh.
So it’s no surprise the Gala does not go fluently. Eileen gets asked to leave, Julia embarrasses herself when she thanks the organization for the opportunity to speak and Tom and Julia have an emotional conversation. In love for their show they put this all aside when it’s time to make an exploding impression with Bombshell. As the team can’t get in touch with Karen, they ask Ivy to do an impromptu performance and blow everyone away. BOOM. That’ll teach ya, industry people.

Karen is way too busy sticking her nose in other’s people business. You know that party Kyle was talking about…? Well, it’s in Brooklyn and Karen and her friends decide to go since they find Jimmy too frickin talented (duh, it’s Jeremy Jordan). They came up with this plan which apparently involves Karen awkwardly flirting and serenading Jimmy with his own song. All the flannels and thick glasses seem to enjoy it, judging by their nodding heads, but Jimmy is not too pleased. He storms of and gets in a fight with Karen and Kyle. Will Kyle convince Jimmy to give Karen a chance? – 8,5/9

A great second half of the Smash mini movie. All together, all the new characters and story lines have been introduced and now it’s time to develop. This episode had some real great songs and I’m starting to really like the friendship between Tom and Julia. They’re hilarious and oh so sweet together. It’s basically filling up the empty Will & Grace hole in my heart. Sort of.

This week’s favorite quote
– Julia: “Of course, I’m thrilled to be of use to anyone.”
– Tom: “Okay, first of all, you can stand. Good to know.”
– Karen: “FYI, did it ever occur to you that I might be cooler than you think?” Jimmy: “Well you just said FYI, so no.”


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