Suits season two finale: All is fair in love and war

Suits 2x16: War

Suits 2×16: War

Suits 2×16: War
I talked about Suits going out with a bang on Twitter before the episode started. I never thought my words would be so literal. I’m glad Rachel and Mike have found each other now everything is falling apart (actually it was about time). Plus I have to admit that their hook up looked hot.

Everything else on the season finale was quite confusing. Maybe even too confusing. Jessica tries to prove she can control Harvey. He doesn’t want to be controlled by Scottie. In the meantime Scottie is in love with Harvey, but doesn’t know how to tell him. So Donna – who claim that she is not in love with Harvey – plays cupid by giving her advice and talk some sense into Harvey. Jessica and Mike (who steps in for Harvey on the case) both cheat to win the case. In the end Jessica wins because she has her name on the door and threatens to throw Mike into jail. Mike caves but threatens he would take her down with him because of this he lets down Harvey in the process. To add a fun light note to the episode we see Louis meeting British Louis.

Are you still with me? Well that’s what I mean about being the episode as confusing as hell. Don’t get me wrong, it was an interesting and explosive episode (Jessica and Harvey’s fight in the toilets for instance), but I hope the third season will be more balanced when it comes to the drama and the fun stuff on the show. – 8

This week’s favorite quote
Dana Scott about Mike: “Like I said, baby Harvey.”
Jessica to Dana’s boss Darby: “I thought you were supposed to be announced.”
Mike: “May I present Mr. Edward Darby of …”
Jessica: “You want to have it out, let’s have it out… right now. You might want to go.”


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