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Weekly round-up: Oscars and other milestones

Stills from Elementary, The Vampire Diaries, Smash, White Collar, Revenge and Suits

Stills from Elementary, The Vampire Diaries, Smash, White Collar, Revenge and Suits

The Oscars were on the telly last night. Although we didn’t watch the show real-time because of the time difference, we really enjoyed all the YouTube videos and GIFs. We are glad Argo won Best Picture. Plus we are now official a fan of Jennifer Lawrence. We might even watch the Hunger Games now too. I’m not kidding, after Twilight and Harry Potter we decided to pass on the next big franchise, but for Oscar winners we should make an exception.

Talking about big accomplishments… we hit 10.000 views on our blog last week! Don’t worry, we are not going to give a big emotional speech. We learned from Anne Hathaway to keep it short and simple. We just want to say we are very happy with this result and hope you keep tuning in.

Now, let’s start talking about our weekly round-up:

The Vampire Diaries 4×15: Turn it off – 9
Smash 2×01: Broadway here I come – 8,5/9
Smash 2×02: They just keep moving the line -8,5/9
Elementary 1×17: You are a detective now, you tell me – 8,5
The Vampire Diaries 4×14: To wish impossible things – 8,5
Revenge 2×14: I’ll never let you go – 8/8,5
Elementary 1×16: Could have been a knife – 8/8,5
Suits season two finale: All is fair in love and war – 8
White Collar 4×14: Mugshot Monthly love story – 7,5/8
Arrow 1×15: I’m not Robin Hood – 7,5
Suits 2×15: Till death do us part – 7,5
Hart of Dixie 2×15: Purple hair and a zombie proposal – 7/7,5
Pretty Little Liars 3×20: A one-woman rumor factory – 7/7,5
Go On 1×16: Hippie fart fest – 7
The Carrie Diaries 1×06: Time for a reality check – 7

Next week on All That Cubeness
While some shows take a break we are catching up on our reviews and review new episodes of shows like New Girl, The Carrie Diaries and Nashville. In the meantime check our Facebook Fan Page, Twitter and Pinterest board.


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