White Collar 4×14: Mugshot Monthly love story

White Collar 4x14: Shoot the Moon

White Collar 4×14: Shoot the Moon

White Collar 4×14: Shoot the Moon
It was a big episode of White Collar this week. Peter and Elizabeth get kidnapped by Jasper from Twilight and his new beau a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. Just kidding! But it was kind of cool to see Jackson Rathbone guest star on White Collar. To have them steal all kind of valuable stuff also include some great locations / sets this episode.

Of course when we are talking about valuable antiques there is a certain insurance lady nearby. Basically this was the episode Sara Ellis (played by One Tree Hill’s Hilarie Burton) says goodbye to the White Collar fans. She haven’t been around much this season and I almost forgot about her existence but apparently she and Neal have been amis-amants a.k.a. friends with benefits for awhile now. Maybe it’s because I’m a huge One Tree Hill fan, but I’m going to miss her on the show. Hopefully there will be a nice but strong lady in Neal’s life soon.

It was great Elizabeth and Peter were able to talk some sense into their kidnappers and finally came clean about the lies they where telling each other. By the way what was going on with Diana’s hair?! Overall a very enjoyable episode this week. – 7,5/8

This week’s favorite quote
Sara: “I leave for two minutes, and it’s a costume party?”
Neal: “My place has a hungry dog and a wine-drinking speed-reader.”


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