Go On 1×17: Don’t you Long Duk Dong me

Don’t you Long Duk Dong me / Supercalifragilisticexpialidosia

Go On 1x17: Ring and a Miss

Go On 1×17: Ring and a Miss

Go On 1×17: Ring and a Miss
This was one of the best episodes of Go On to date, I think. Maybe it is because I’m a sucker for a good movie reference (especially one from a John Hughes movie), but I laughed so much during this episode. The opening scene with Ryan and Simone in the restaurant was so much fun. Although I’m not really happy with Simone cornering Ryan into moving on too quickly. So I’m glad she is finally gone. I never liked her character to begin with. Although it was fun to see the shadow group together. Loved it that Anne was surprised to see Yolanda at the meeting, because of course the others would have created the shadow group to talk about Yolanda’s controlling ways.

I’m not sure which bit was funnier. Mr. K as a nanny just like Mary Poppins or Steven reenacting one of the most memorable moments of Sixteen Candles (and talking about the ridiculous Long Duk Dong). Steven is a great friend for Ryan, taking him on a night out and being there for him after the break up. Of course Carrie’s outburst when she hears about Ryan’s break up after changing his whole place in one night (with some awful furniture I must say) was hilarious too. I really tried to find something which wasn’t great, but I can’t. Mr K. “flying” from Anne’s roof was the cherry on top of the cake. – 9,5

This week’s favorite quote
Mr K.: “I’ve seen Mary Poppins over 500 times. Not by choice, it’s a compulsion known as supercalifragilisticexpialidosia.”
Steven to Lauren: “Did you just ‘Long Duk Dong’ me?”
Mr K.: “Me, my job’s easy. I’m a goof. Everybody loves the funny guy. I’m Robin Williams. Oh, or Mitt Romney. What ever happened to that guy’s show? It was on every channel for a year, then nothing.”
Ryan: “No, huge would be if I met a new person, she was perfect, and then, I was never alone again. Then I could drive by the place where the group meets and think, “that was a nice group of people from the time before I was fixed. Was Fausta real or just an adorable CGI character?'”
Ryan to Lauren: “You’ve helped me out a lot, but today I like his speech better, your insistence on making me Molly Ringwald aside.”
Anne’s daughter Abbey: “Mom says anyone who only reads at their own grade level is a meth-head in training.”


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