The Carrie Diaries 1×07: Caught in the middle

The Carrie Diaries 1x07: Caught

The Carrie Diaries 1×07: Caught

The Carrie Diaries 1×07: Caught
It’s time for the Winter Dance and Carrie decides to bring George along because Sebastian was so cool about them hanging out he even told his girlfriend. Time for the ex to meet the new guy, although said ex didn’t know she was dating. It took me awhile before I remembered where I saw the same sort of thing go down, but then I remembered it was Gilmore Girls! Sebastian stares at George and Carrie dancing and Carrie freaks out. Of course George gets the wrong idea when they leave the dance… can I say George was such a douche when he suggested Carrie should take care of him if they weren’t going to do it. Glad she’d got rid of him. Side note: I loved Maggie’s and Carrie’s dress!

Donna sees Maggie get out of the backseat of her cop BF’s car at the Winter Dance and blackmails her to keep Sebastian and Carrie apart. I expected that storyline to last for a few episodes, but Maggie caved within a few minutes and told Carrie the truth. It safe to say Carrie and Sebastian will make out within two episodes. In the meantime Mouse and Seth broke up because they weren’t able to keep their grades up. I think it’s the worst reason ever to break up, because what are you going to do when you have a job or children? Kick each other out the door because you are too busy?! Ugh, most ridiculous couple ever.

Carrie’s dad finally found out why he has trouble connecting with Dorrit when they went to see “The Nutcracker”. She used to hang out with their mother while Carrie hung out with her dad. Problem solved. By the way it was great to see Dorrit with less raccoon make-up!

Another big dilemma for Carrie is joining Larissa at Interview Magazine for an internship when her bag finally appears in the magazine. In the end she decides to lie to her father and start a new internship at Interview Magazine and leave the law firm behind. I look forward to see Carrie in the crazy Interview world again. – 7

This week’s favorite quote
Maggie: “You know Sebastian didn’t tell his blow-up doll of a girlfriend either.”
Mouse: “Well, if Maggie wasn’t so intent on making me look like Shirley Temple, I would have.”
Carrie: “Try anywhere but under the bleachers. That’s where people are gonna do it.”


2 thoughts on “The Carrie Diaries 1×07: Caught in the middle

  1. No, I haven’t. Screenwriters always alter the story along the way, so I decided to be surprised. Have you read the book? This show starts to grow on me, these past few episodes. I especially liked 1×08 🙂

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