Hart of Dixie 2×16: For better or for worse

Hart of Dixie 2x16: Where I Lead Me

Hart of Dixie 2×16: Where I Lead Me

Hart of Dixie 2×16: Where I Lead Me
While the whole town is preparing for Tom Long and Wanda’s wedding, Wade is missing. If your guy doesn’t respond to a few phone calls, go to the nearest bakery in your village and check the town gossip. Before you know it he appears in your shower… I really liked how this storyline played out. You could see Wade wanted to protect his relationship, but also had trouble lying about it. Of course it was heartbreaking to watch them break up, but I think it will be a good development for the show.

Another nice development is Lemon and Annabeth rekindling their friendship. Going to a fortune teller and going on a date with a really weird guy wasn’t my favorite part of it, but I’m happy the girls found each other in the end. Although you could see Annabeth checking out Lavon at the reception when he was dancing with Zoe.

About this week’s big event: After a zombie proposal we got a Star Trek/Lord of the Rings kind of wedding. Of course it was totally fitting for Tom and Wanda, but maybe a little bit too weird for Hart of Dixie to do a costume party two times in a row? Although the storyline with Wanda’s crazy mom was fun to watch. She was just trying to spare her daughter from the heartache she experienced. Her conversation with Zoe – when Zoe realized Wade cheated – was nice to watch. I will looked forward to Zoe and Wade’s rebound arc. – 7

This week’s favorite quote
Wade: “Just rent a Ryan Gosling movie, all right? Do what he does.”


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