White Collar 4×15: An original Neal Caffrey

White Collar 4x15: The Original

White Collar 4×15: The Original

White Collar 4×15: The Original
This was the last episode before the season finale, which is going to get really interesting. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about this episode which focused on Neal Caffrey the art forger (a side of Neal I really like). CSI Miami alum Emily Procter as Amanda Callaway was introduced Hughes 2.0 and took control of the White Collar division. She demanded a high profile win from Peter’s team, which led them to a gallery where Neal discovered a Dubois forgery (although he wasn’t supposed to check that particular piece).

Apparently Neal’s father is going mad at Mozzie’s safe house and returns to the city. He helps Mozzie and Neal’s search for Ellen’s evidence box in the Empire State building. It was fun to see them run a con during the FBI operation, so they could use a very expensive scanner. Although you could say it’s weird Mozzie hasn’t got his hands on a same sort of scanner yet. It looked like they succeeded, but Neal was right after all. Callaway was far too nice and is BFF’s with senator Pratt. With the help of another agent she found out that Neal was searching the Empire State building during the operation.

Another big part of the episode was Neal and Sam bonding. They talked about Neal’s art (the Degas is so pretty!) and shared a nice father and son moment when Neal told Sam the experts thought his Dubois forgery was the real deal. If you think about it, it’s weird that a father cheers on his son about achievement which is actually a felony. Something what actually annoys me is Sam wanting to exclude Peter every time they get closer to the box. Luckily Neal hates that too and even confronts his father with the truth about not being able to make something of himself in the art world because he has had a ton of identities. I’m curious how the story will continue in the season four finale of White Collar. – 7,5

This week’s favorite quote
Neal: “Well, she was nice to me. When people are nice, they’re usually working an angle.”
Sam: “When Ellen and I were partners, we busted our fair share of hideouts. When it came to finding stashes, we had a saying: ‘Walls move, ceilings and floors don’t.'”
Neal: “You asked me why I don’t have original art? I’ve had three different names and a dozen different aliases because of you. And to be an artist, you have to know who you are.”


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