Arrow 1×16: Absent parents, revelations and a black canary

Arrow 1x16: Dead to Rights

Arrow 1×16: Dead to Rights

Arrow 1×16: Dead to Rights
Ollie’s main concern is assassins showing up in Starling City, without knowing who their target is. At the first double date of Ollie, McKenna, Tommy and Laurel – which was also Tommy’s birthday – Malcolm shows up to congratulate his son and invite him to a gala where Malcolm is going to receive a Humanitarian award. Tommy refuses to go first, but attends after all when he talks about it with Ollie. When Ollie finds out Malcolm is the target he even calls the police to save Tommy and his best friend’s father. But the police thinks it’s a chance to capture the newest assassin and the Hood. Oops, it has to be super awkward to run into your cop girlfriend while she pulls a gun and demands that you drop your bow… It was stupid that shooting an arrow into a fire extinguisher was enough to stop her from shooting. McKenna kind of sucks as a cop.

In the meantime Malcolm almost reveals his secret Dark Archer lair to his son, but gets shot by Deadshot right at the same moment. Damn it. After that everything goes AWOL. The Hood has to reveal his identity to Tommy to save Malcolm. I’m sure this will comeback to bite Ollie in the ass soon, because I don’t struck Tommy as a very loyal guy (especially because of that last scene). Plus it’s stupid that almost everyone in Starling City knows who The Hood is these days. Okay almost everyone is a bit exaggerated, but there I think there are too many people who know Ollie’s secret. Talking about identity related problems… Malcolm asked Moira to find out who ordered the hit on him. Which is kind of ironic because she has to go look for herself! I’m curious how she will spin the story to save her own ass.

Other great stuff this episode was the mention of a black canary. I think the comic book fans were jumping up and down on their couch when the little bird was mentioned. I was thrilled when Laurel’s mother showed up after Laurel declined her incoming phone call. Plus the news that she brought along was kind of shocking too. It would be crazy if Sarah was still alive, but whatever happens I hope it’s the start of Laurel’s transformation. – 7/7,5

This week’s favorite quote
Tommy when his father tells him about receiving the humanitarian award: “What, they ran out of actual humans to give it to?”
Felicity to Ollie and Diggle: “Jeez, this is one paranoid assassin. Barerra’s got cobalt-level encryption on his phone. It’s not going to be easy to break. But codebreaker is my middle name. Actually, it’s Megan…”
Tommy’s response when Laurel tells him he looks handsome: “I try not to. It just keeps happening.”


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