Nashville 1×14: Good news for people who love bad news

Nashville 1x14: Dear Brother

Nashville 1×14: Dear Brother

Nashville 1×14: Dear Brother
Deacon’s birthday is coming up and Juliette decides to throw him a big party in the Bluebird, even after Scarlett says Deacon doesn’t like parties and he prefers to watch Old Yeller on his birthday. Basically it’s Juliette being self absorbed again. Plus her mom is living with her these days and doing quite well because of the help of her addiction counselor Dante (who is kind of cute actually). Of course this party is a reason to show the world Nashville is a successful series which is able to get big (country) music guest stars on the show. I really start to question why nobody has signed Scarlett and Gunnar yet when everyone is so impressed by them in the first place… Let’s hope Rayna does this soon (who gave a great performance as well by the way).

In the meantime Rayna and Teddy need to lay low to avoid anymore attention in the media. Rayna’s relationship with her oldest daughter starts to crumble a bit because Rayna is to blame for the divorce according to the press. It was actually nice to see that Rayna’s dad supports her for once. Although he is kind of an ass for threatening Teddy when it comes to his mayoral duties (he can threaten him when it comes to Peggy, in my opinion). I have to give it to Teddy for bringing on Coleman on his team.

Gunnar is also dealing with family troubles. He discovers a gun in his brother’s bag. You know the gun he was supposed to get rid of. I think it was a smart move of him to throw the revolver in the water. Although it’s sad it let up to his brother’s death, because Jason wasn’t able to defend himself. I hope this negative influence has disappeared for good, because I’m not going to like it when these people come for Gunnar (you don’t get beat up without having a dept of some sort). And then of course the final scene. It was great that Scarlett finally admitted that she has feelings for Gunnar, but I’m not sure if grieve sex is the answer. There new romance won’t be stable at all and let’s not forget Avery who is looking for a new guitar to sweep Scarlett of her feet again. – 7,5/8

This week’s favorite quote
Rayna’s sister Tandy: “Well, you could use that thing in your hand to call him.”
Deacon explaining his birthday tradition: “For the record, ‘Old Yeller’ is not a sad movie. It is the uplifting tale of the unconditional love between a boy and his dog.”
Deacon about the party: “And let’s not do this again next year.”
Juliette’s assistent Emily to Deacon who just got a dog as a birthday present (which he doesn’t want): “She said you’d say that. She also said to tell you to shut up and take the dog.”


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