Modern Family 4×14: Playing house

Modern Family 4x14: A Slight at the Opera

Modern Family 4×14: A Slight at the Opera

Modern Family 4×14: A Slight at the Opera
Time for a confession: Modern Family has won my heart (again). I have been catching up with the show these past few weeks – they’d lost me halfway into the second season – and I think the show has really improved through the seasons. This also comes in handy for our blog, because Chantal has been buried in a pile of work these past few weeks. I will write the next couple of Modern Family reviews to help out, so bare with me.

Okay what happened on this episode… Phil wants to learn how to play golf to impress his clients and Jay is going to teach him. Right around the same time Mitchell and Pepper show up, to impress Jay with Mitchell’s golf skills (because it turned out he had some). The two duos decide to make a bet and play against each other. May the best man win… but of course both guys fail because of Jay’s presence. After a little Pepper talk and Jay insulting Phil, their game improves very fast and Mitchell even wins the bet! Although Pepper didn’t trust Jay talking to Mitchell. He claimed Jay was “Cats in the cradling” Mitchell. When Phil doesn’t get the joke they decide to let him listen to the song on the way back. It was hilarious to see four guys choking up in their golf carts. Phil even bails on his meeting to see Luke’s musical.

They really love putting school musicals together on Modern Family. Of course Cam is the director and Gloria is helping him with the special effects (but also has the time to visit a psychic with Alex). Cam’s only problem is that the lead called in sick. When he hears Luke sing (who’s only there to help paint the set), Cam decides to give Luke the lead in Cameron Tucker’s Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Phantom of the Opera”. Poor Manny, who tries so hard as the understudy. He even tries to convince Luke not to go on stage, but does the right thing in the end when he watches the rehearsal tape where Luke was singing. Seeing Luke on stage made Phil bawl his eyes out again. Another fun thing was Alex making fun of Gloria’s psychic, although she might have been right about a prince Charming showing up after all.

My favorite part of the episode happened at the Dunphy home. Claire has become the babysitter of the family since Joe is born. But she is a bit too busy finding the right way to confront Phil about his golf balls laying around the house, which makes her fall down with almost every move she makes. Luckily Dylan and Haley are around to do the actual babysitting and Dylan is kind of a genius when it comes to babies. Of course Haley has been searching for her purpose in life since she has been kicked out of college and playing a happy family with Dylan starts to look appealing (her face was priceless). Cue for Claire to freak out (which is the most fun part about Claire, if you are honest)! Luckily for her they get in a very weird fight about going out for ice cream. Sorry this part was just a little too weird if you would ask me.

I think it was a very enjoyable episode and there was even some personal growth for a couple of characters! Which is always nice to see in a comedy. – 7,5/8

This week’s favorite quote
Jay about the baby: “But come on. He’s been alive a month. How hard is it to support your own head?”
Pepper to Mitchell: “I think someone needs a Pepper talk.”
Haley: “Oh, he’s such a little angel. I want one.”
Alex to Gloria: “Please tell me you just said ‘sidekick’.”


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