The Carrie Diaries 1×08: Grand gestures and sidechicks

The Carrie Diaries 1x08: Hush Hush

The Carrie Diaries 1×08: Hush Hush

The Carrie Diaries 1×08: Hush Hush
Hey, hi dear readers! It seems that The Carrie Diaries has finally proved to be more than just an average teen soap with some excellent writing on the show this week. Mouse annoys me most of the time (also had to do with Seth), but she actually a lot of fun when she is witty and a little bit too involved with other people’s lives. I think Sebastian brings out her fun side.

Maggie had a hard time confessing her secret to Walt. But choosing the school hallway as the place to tell him about it, is kind of stupid. Then a strange thing happened… Donna set her sights on Walt! After she tells him the truth about Maggie and fesses up that Sebastian broke up with her which even made her feel bad, they kiss! I did not see that happening, but in a way it made sense. Walt is still in denial about being gay. So if a girl that confident likes him, he must not be gay right?! This is Walt’s logica of course, not mine. Because we all know the perfect partner for him is Bennet, who happens to be Carrie’s colleague at Interview. It’s also nice to see that they gave the bad guy (or in this case girl) some humanity instead of being the one dimensional bitch at school.

I’m so glad they wrote in Bennet into the series like that. He has a nice personality and great lines. Hopefully he runs into Walt again very soon. Talking about Interview Magazine… I even start to like Larissa. She was less obnoxious this episode, more like a person who tries to excel at her job. Plus she had some fun “you are so young and fabulous Carrie” lines these week and even stood up for her at Limelight.

Talking about obnoxious people. GG’s Max/Harlan is the worst! No wonder George turned out to be such an ass last week. Although Carrie’s dad won that title at the end of the episode. He certainly wants to make a clone of himself when it comes to Carrie. Hello, can’t she have her own goals and dreams?! Plus you just don’t want to see your parents dancing at a club like ever! It was almost as awful as Rufus and Ivy hooking up on Gossip Girl. Of course Carrie should be punished for lying, because that is a bad thing to do, but Tom is not going to fix it by banishing her from Manhattan.

Before I forget… Sebastian went to Manhattan to win Carrie back. He had some grand gesture in store for her, but I wonder what it would have been. Showing up in a trendy club wouldn’t have been enough right? I actually looked forward to that part of the episode, because I love grand gestures especially the John Hughes kind. In the end this particular storyline kind of sucked, because he was never able to reach Carrie (but these are just minor details). I think this was the best episode of The Carrie Diaries to date. It looks like the show finally found it’s groove. Well done! – 8/8,5

This week’s favorite quote
Bennet: “There’s a button that’ll help me escape this hell?”
Mouse to Sebastian: “Not everyone chases after you like a pathetic puppy dog. That’s Donna’s job.”
Bennet: “I hate these computers. When are people going to admit this is a fade that is just going to go away?”
Mouse about George and Carrie: “Enthralled. Joyous. Dreamboat living. And you’re perfectly happy with Donna, so this conversation is moot. Pointless. Superfluous, some might say.”
Mouse: “All Donna deserves it to be fed to the Jens in a cage.”
Donna: “As much as I love being the center of attention, I only like it when it’s the fawning kind, not the ‘oh, poor Donna’ kind.”
Carrie: “Well, if that was his sign, it was so small I couldn’t even read it, you know? Get a bigger sign, buddy.”
Maggie: “Did Donna ask you to have a menage a trois with the Jens?” Mouse response: “That would be four people, so technically an orgy.”
When Sebastian says Donna was Donna about the break-up Maggie asks: “Vengeful Donna, looking for someone to take it out on Donna, or too cool to care Donna?”
Bennet when Carrie walks up to a guy in the club who was checking her out: “I could’ve sworn he played for my team.” Larissa response: “Don’t fret, darling. At some point, they all do.”
Maggie when Sebastian starts working on his big gesture: “I was thinking a little bigger than a phone call.”
Larissa: “This is unbelievable. I have the youngest, hippest intern, and I didn’t even know it! Ha ha! Fabulosity!”
Carrie (voice-over): “Exposed secrets are like hand grenades. If you hang on to them too long, they explode in your face.”


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