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Weekly round-up: Movie references for this week’s win!

Stills from Hart of Dixie, The Carrie Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Nashville, Go On, Arrow, White Collar and New Girl

Stills from Hart of Dixie, The Carrie Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Nashville, Go On, Arrow, White Collar and New Girl

A week has passed since a week ago, which means it’s time for our super awesome, always exhilarating summary list! A splendid combination of each and every grant written All That Cubeness review from the past 7-ish days. A thing one most certainly does not want to miss out on! Before I start sounding even more like a slick, semi-professional game show host (you can not win a refridgerator in this matter, unfortunately) let’s talk television! Cause on that box-shaped (in some cases flat-shaped) thing, there has been lots to see. And of course we’ve seen some of it.

Yup, you’ve read that right. It’s some and not all, because first of all, watching each and every tv show on the planet would not be the healthiest choice to make. Second of all, we’ve had some other bizznizz to do here and there. Googling Parisian vacation-apartments can suck up a lot of your time, for instance. And although city trip planning rocks, tv series are kind of the shiznit too. Therefore we’ve reviewed as many as possible (given the time) and have also started catching up on the somewhat older episodes. Missed it? Just click on the links below, it’s really that easy.

You know what’s also easy by the way? Getting excited over FOX’s early announced season renewals. More to come for New Girl and The Mindy Project, we approve!

Go On 1×17: Don’t you Long Duk Dong me / Supercalifragilisticexpialidosia – 9,5
New Girl 2×16: Let’s do the panic moonwalk – 8,5
Nashville 1×14: Good news for people who love bad news – 7,5/8
White Collar 4×15: An original Neal Caffrey – 7,5
Arrow 1×16: Absent parents, revelations and a black canary – 7/7,5
Hart of Dixie 2×16: For better or for worse – 7
The Carrie Diaries 1×07: Caught in the middle – 7
Pretty Little Liars 3×21: Game over – 6,5/7

Next week on All That Cubeness
Big big big big shame on me (Hi, it’s Chantal here) because there’s still loooaaads of catching up to do on my part. With the help of my awesome writingbuddie Marjola, you’ll finally be able to read about the episodes you’ve been waiting for a while now. Reminisce a little even. (Cause I’ll admit, we ourselves have to dig in our memory for a few of them.) Fault on the right side: a lot of series are having a short break this week, so we’ll have plenty of time to get right to it. That’s it. I to-tal-ly planned things to work out this way. That makes for a good excuse, right? Right?!

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