Hart of Dixie 2×17: Run from Wade and pity pie hell

Hart of Dixie 2x17: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Hart of Dixie 2×17: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Hart of Dixie 2×17: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
Welcome in pity pie hell, Zoe Hart! Our favorite doctor has some serious break-up blues and with the whole town getting involved it’s hard to forget about Wade. Luckily Tansy (another Wade victim) is there to be her friend. They go to a bar out of town, where they run into Lily Anne – Wade’s other ex – who wrote some inspiring songs about Wade (something about running away and complaining he never wore a shirt). It seems like Zoe has two choices: hate Wade or grief properly. Although the latter is healthier, she decides to the former (which means more fun for us).

Zoe tries to distract herself with Rose’s relationship, but when she thinks Max is cheating on Rose with Tonya she has to meddle. Of course this goes terribly wrong, because Tonya hates Max actually. Of course this part of the episode was a bit too much high school for Hart of Dixie, but let’s give some credit to McKayla Maroney because she has showed up for several episodes already and didn’t do one stupid cameo (*cough* like Missy Franklin on Pretty Little Liars *cough*). Back to Zoe… I thought having Jonah Breeland around would be fun and I was even rooting for a small hook up, but he was a little bit too eager and cocky this week. I hope the writers are able to balance his smart ass act a little bit more.

In the meantime Wade (who looked very boyish and cute in his red sweater) became the town pariah and had to work together with Lavon on the church fundraiser. They both tried really hard to get of volunteering. Which was a fun scene to watch, especially when they both admitted Wade screwed up. Actually Reverend Mayfair stole their moment when he said “And do we really want to disappoint the big guy?” The actual fundraiser was a bit boring. The disappearance of the lockbox, which appeared again without Lavon even trying to find it, was ridiculous.

Another fun part of the episode was Lemon’s witch hunt. She wanted to make sure her dad and Shelby would break up. She told her sister to say no, because she was sure they would prey on her materialistic side. Which was correct and ensued some hilarious moments between Magnolia and Shelby. Brick suggesting they should out-Lemon Lemon, which totally worked when they bought Magnolia a car was kind of genius. Shelby never got a fair chance after her horrible relationship with George, but I think she would actually be a nice addition to the Breeland family. I thin Jaime King is great a the comedic stuff. After her bit with Magnolia she went to George for help. Reminding him for the millionth time about leaving her at the altar (George: “What is the statute of limitations on that?” Lemon: “Eternity!”) was still funny. Plus “This one is just so hard to get down the aisle.” while talking to the realtor was hilarious. Because she tells it like a joke, but is so sincere at the same time. This doesn’t mean I wasn’t glad she decided to not hold it over his head anymore in the end. It’s time for Lemon to move on too.

I look forward to see Zoe move forward in the next episode – Springbreak y’all! Too bad it won’t air until April 9th. Keep rewatching this episode until then. – 7,5

This week’s favorite quote
Zoe (about Wade): “Yeah, why doesn’t he ever wear a shirt?”
Tansy: “It’s your choice. Be Lily Anne and angry the rest of your life, or do like me and let yourself grieve, really grieve, and end up happy with a guy like George Tucker. And I mean like George Tucker, not George Tucker himself.”
Brick: “Well, we just have to out-Lemon Lemon.”
Lemon: “Now is not the time to cave in to your God-given materialism.”
Magnolia: “Okay, I get it. God, it’s like health class.”
Zoe: “I tried not to let hate in, but you know what? Hate is a real charmer. So I said: ‘What the heck, come on in.’ Brought two of his friends, petty and vindictive, and you know what? We have been partying it up. It’s awesome.”
Lemon: “Well, if an addiction to bedazzling was enough to get Daddy to break up with Shelby, we’d be golden.”
George: “Secondly, if you want Brick to break up with Shelby, well, good luck to you, because that girl is an anti-breakup ninja.”
Lemon: “What self-respecting woman in the 21st century wears scrunchies?”
Rose: “Well, if your science project is to raise Tonya’s IQ above that of a turnip, you failed.”
Lemon: “I will not allow her to use you as a solution to her one-woman fiscal cliff.”
Zoe: “Isn’t there just one corner in this town where someone can be alone?”


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