Go On 1×18: Letting go of the past

Go On 1x18: Double Down

Go On 1×18: Double Down

Go On 1×18: Double Down
With Simone gone Ryan feels really lonely. What do you usually do when you are lonely (besides letting your grief counseling group make up funny songs about you)? Right, find a bad habit. Ryan’s bad habit is gambling. It started with some innocent bingo with Fausta (seeing her calling everyone a losers was funny) which led to some serious gambling (on sport games and the casino kind). I loved how Lauren interfered and made sure that Ryan wouldn’t lose Janie’s life insurance money.

In the meantime Anne gets back in the dating ring, when a pretty girl at the bookstore flirts with her. Did anyone notice that the books behind Brittney on the shelf had the same titles as the previous episodes? A fun detail, in my opinion! What did you think about that scene in the parking lot? The whole commercial vibe was fun. Plus it was nice they made a moment of the first lesbian kiss on the show (it was the first if I remember correctly), because I think a lesbian couple on tv is still a slightly bigger deal than a gay (two guys) couple (because of Modern Family and Glee). Plus Anne’s Katniss braid was kind of cool!

I wasn’t really a fan of Danny’s dumb bit (and Sonia cheering him on). But I liked Mr. K getting jealous of Marty and Steven reminding Ryan about Janie’s opinion on gambling. In the end Anne and Ryan had a nice moment together. They basically went through the same thing when they lost their partner. So they decide to take a step forward by taking of their wedding ring and letting it float away with some help of a balloon. By the way Anne having a husband just like Ryan was a funny idea. – 7,5 (This episode wasn’t bad, but last week was just exceptional.)

This week’s favorite quote
Lauren: “Buckle up, dirtbags. I’m gonna take your money and call you lady names.”
Brittney: “Anne, I may not know a lot about books or movies or third things to end lists with, but I know this much. I deserve to be with someone who’s proud of me. Goodbye.”
Anne: “Oh, my God. I’m dating Hot Danny.”


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