Modern Family 4×15: A Valentine’s Day disaster

Modern Family 4x15: Heart Broken

Modern Family 4×15: Heart Broken

Modern Family 4×15: Heart Broken
It’s really hard to get lucky when you have children. Before you know it they are throwing a rave downstairs or walking into your bedroom. Claire and Phil try to help Jay and Gloria out by celebrating Valentine’s day a day early and babysit Joe on the most romantic day of the year, but a run-in with Clive Bixby lead to a trip to the hospital. Seems like Claire has the same issue with her heart as her mom. Although I get that Claire doesn’t want to be treated like a patient, I think it was nice of Phil to take a step down. Plus they were so cute in the kitchen, when Claire had her little breakdown when Phil told she doesn’t always have to be strong. Also Claire covered up in Phil’s blood (because of his nosebleed) could have been a scene in a Halloween episode! It was super funny to see the kids freak-out about it when they basically walked in on their parents having sex (that alone would have been a reason to freak out).

Jay and Gloria trying to hook up was just on big funny bit. It’s nice that the writers show Gloria is more than just a good looking gold digger (don’t hate me for saying it, I know you all thought it when the show just started).

In the meantime Cam and Mitchell try to spread the love among their single friends. When Cam says to Mitchell he can be boring, he tries to switch it up… The morning after looks more like a scene from The Hangover. A part of their neighbors Christmas decoration is sitting in their living room (a couple of real size reindeers) and Dylan. Cam blames Mitchell for inviting him to live with them, but it turns out (after a small serenade about a pink – former white – cat) it was Cam’s fault. Luckily they have Lily to get them out of those awkward situations. I love her bitchy side! Plus I really enjoy these little discussions between Cam and Mitchell. They really try to work on their flaws to grow stronger as a couple. – 7,5

This week’s favorite quote
Cam about Lily: “She is blunt but effective. Maybe we should have her talk to the gardener.”
Dylan’s song: “I never knew I would find my answer in my ex-girlfriend’s uncles’ house with the tiny pink panther.”


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