Pretty Little Liars 3×22: Radley riddles

Pretty Little Liars 3x22: Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

Pretty Little Liars 3×22: Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

Pretty Little Liars 3×22: Will the Circle Be Unbroken?
What an outstanding performance of Troian (Spencer) this week! She showed the other Liars that she is way past their high school lives (Troian is 28 after all). The other storylines were actually quite boring. The most ridiculous was Emily’s run-in with Missy Franklin an Olympic swim champion who decided to take a detour to talk to a teenager. FYI every lesbian near Rosewood is on a swim team.

Aria finally realized her relationship with Ezra isn’t as great as it used to be. When the principal asked her if she was seeing him, she lied so Ezra can get a new teacher’s job and provide for his family. I hope they break-up soon so Aria can be more than the girl who has an inappropriate relationship. Her parents talking about their ulterior motive to help Ezra, made kind of sense because their relationship is still illegal.

The weirdest thing is Wilden walking around town without a scratch. Does he have a döppelganger?! Hanna is a real tough girl calling him out because of the stalking. I don’t think she will leave Rosewood, maybe her mom is going to leave but they will never tear up the four Liars.

The most interesting stuff happened at Radley. Spencer meets the real E. Lamb and gets him to open up about the flaws in the security system at the facility. He even tells her about Mona staying in the exact same room. A little flaw was Mona visiting Spencer at Radley, while her other friends weren’t allowed to see her because she was under observation. Besides her confession in the end, I thought her flashback about Ali was really creepy. Ali talking about writing her diaries for Spencer to carry on her legacy when she dies. It’s almost like she knew the end was near. It’s also very creepy that Mona now owns these diaries (and probably some other people, because she had it on her iPad). I look forward to see this unravel in the last two episodes of the season. – 7,5/8

This week’s favorite quote
Hanna: “Okay, I have to split myself between disasters. It’s after three, so I’m thinking about my mom.”
Aria: “I’m saying, A has been turning the screws so long, one of us was bound to snap a string.”
Mona: “You’re trying to put together a jig-saw puzzle, but you’ve never seen the picture on the front of the box.”
Hanna: “I did.” [Emily: “Why?”] “Because there’s a downside to being too smart.”
Mona: “I have the answers to questions you haven’t even thought of.”
Spencer: “Yeah, well, I wasn’t Spencer Hastings for almost a whole day, and nobody else showed up to take the job, so… Guess I’m stuck with it.”
Ali: “I’m writing them for you. They’re beyond scandalous. You’re gonna need them if you’re gonna carry on after I’m gone.”
Hanna: “Nothing works underwater, it’s a scientific fact.”
Spencer: “How do you keep going when the worst thing has happened? What do you have to change inside to survive? Who do you have to become?”


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