The Mindy Project 1×14: Empire State of Mind(y)

The Mindy Project 1x14: Harry & Mindy

The Mindy Project 1×14: Harry & Mindy

The Mindy Project 1×14: Harry & Mindy
On Valentine’s Day (I’m quite behind on these reviews, I know) The Empire State Building is the most romantic building on the planet, according to Mindy at least. As a true believer of romantic movies she has her own V-Day tradition of wandering around the entrance hall, looking for her prince. (Not the security guard, I repeat, not the security guard.) This year she’s looking forward to spending Valentine’s Day with Jamie. You know, from Jamie and Lucy… eh Mindy. After Danny’s restored from his slightly depressing underwear-sweaty-armpits-heartbreak moment (Eyepatch left him remember?), he and Jeremy point out once again how undeniably strong the chemistry between Jamie and his bestie is. Not something that Jamie’s girlfriend Mindy likes to hear. And so she comes up with the brilliant plan of setting Lucy up with Danny, you know, just to keep the girl away from her man help out in romance. The four of them go one a double Valentine’s date. How lovely. Or awkward.

Though Mindy should probably consider claiming that Match-dot-Mindy url, things do not work out so well. As soon as Danny and Lucy hit off perfectly, Jamie starts acting like the jealous boyfriend and totally ignores the gal by his side. Before you know Jamie chokes on a fishbone, Mindy pulls a Heimlich, well, I think you can make your guess on the level of romance at this point. To make up for a lousy evening, Jamie invites Mindy to the one thing she always imagined: The Empire State Building. But right before entering her own real life Sleepless in Seattle, Mindy realizes she needs to be sure Jamie is not secretly in love with Lucy. Jamie realizes who the love of his life really is. Cue ending the Jamie and Mindy love story.

Bummed about her miss out on her E.S.B.V.D.D. (that’s an abbreviation for Empire State Building Valentine’s Day Dream) Mindy walks along with Danny. He shows her how love cannot be planned, let alone the building where you’ll meet your love. Now have a bite of that awful pizza you cuties.

Meanwhile at the hospital: Morgan sucks at hitting on a specific girl he likes. Like, big time. Jeremy helps him out. And in the end they play a little baseball (Still not sure what that 20-sec clip was all about…)

Writers, get those two together already. You know who I’m talking about. And for the love of god, get Danny some sexier underwear. – 8/8,5

This week’s favorite quote
Mindy: “To show my gratitude for this kindness, we can choose any city of the Real Housewives to watch.” Danny: “……Miami.”


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