White Collar season four finale: A proposal and a betrayal

White Collar 4x16: In the Wind

White Collar 4×16: In the Wind

White Collar 4×16: In the Wind
What a mind-blowing finale! The race for the evidence box is on. Callaway called Pratt and the White Collar division is going to search the Empire State Building. Neal, Mozzie and his father have to improvise because they didn’t come up with a plan yet and Pratt moved in on the floor right on top of the box. The fun element this episode was Sara who slept over at Neal’s place and non of the guys could connect the dots together.

Sam has to get close to Pratt (kissing distance close) to copy his card and get into his office. They are going to get the evidence box out of the floor/ceiling with the use of some acid. While Neal has to get to the top of the Empire State Building so the evidence can leave the building through the air. Only newly engaged couples get access to this part of the building, but luckily Sara is still around. I have to say the proposal was really romantic! Like Sara said it was just a little too real. You could see Neal meant every word of it and it made me kind of sad that Sara was leaving. By the way Hilarie Burton still cries super pretty after all those years!

Of course everything goes wrong in the process, but Mozzie gets the evidence to Neal (mostly because he doesn’t trust Sam). Unfortunately Mozzie was right about Sam (and when he said that it wasn’t a 18th century music box, because I have to admit that particular story was a tiny bit more interesting). When one of Pratt’s men catches Sam and he has to face Pratt once again, guns are pulled. Sam gets a hold of Peter’s gun, which was taken away by Callaway for obstructing the investigation. Apparently she thought it was a safe place to put somebody else’s gun in her bag which was casually laying around. Peter tries to interfere, but when Pratt tries to pull the trigger Sam beats him to it and kills him. The guns are switched when they were put down and Peter fires a warning shot when Sam doesn’t want to be taken into custody. After that Sam fleas the scene and the rest of the team walks in on Peter holding the gun which killed senator Pratt.

Back at Neal’s appartement we see Sam trying to steal incriminating evidence, because it turns out he killed his supervisor all those years ago. Neal tries to convince Sam to clear Peter, but Sam decides to go back in hiding again. Poor Neal, he gets betrayed by his biological father and loses the man who has been more of a father to him at the same time. It sucks the network decided White Collar won’t return in the summer! So we have to wait until the fall to see how the story continues. – 8,5

This week’s favorite quote
Sara: “Okay, how is it possible that three grown men don’t understand what’s going on here?”
Neal’s proposal: “The first time we met, you were chasing me. The first time we spoke, you called me a sociopath.” [Sara: “Well, that was at your trial, and I’m not entirely sure I was wrong.”] “The first time we had dinner, you asked me what I wanted from you. And the first time we kissed, I realized that I don’t want anything except you. And now I’m asking if you’ll go on one more adventure with me. Sara Ellis will you marry me?”
Mozzie: “Drink more champagne. It improves cognition.”


2 thoughts on “White Collar season four finale: A proposal and a betrayal

  1. ❤❤❤❤ Neal caffrey and Sara. This was one of my favorite episodes. Because of the proposal!!!!

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