New Girl 2×18: Equals! (for ten years and counting)

New Girl 2x18: TinFinity

New Girl 2×18: TinFinity

New Girl 2×18: TinFinity
When Schmidt announced to his loft friends he and Nick were celebrating ten years of living together, I immediately knew this was going to be a great episode. Mostly because Schmidt likes to throw an extravagant party (remember the Danger party?!) and I wasn’t disappointed. Ten years, two hearts, one home: TinFinity y’all!

After the dibs on Ernie and Bert we got some short flashbacks of their earlier anniversaries (Paper en Wood). Fat Schmidt jumping out of a paper cube dancing was hilarious! Thank you Max Greenfield. You’ve come along way since hot Deputy Leo on Veronica Mars. Other fun flashback stuff was Schmidt reminding Nick about his party chores (and how he usually fails at them). Nick is so chaotic sometimes. This time his task is to get Porta Potties and balloons. Of course everything goes wrong and Nick buys (yes you read it correctly) a disgusting Porta Potti. Luckily Schmidt arranged a luxury toilet and balloons were a fake task. Although Nick arranged a hot air balloon instead.

Jess is trying to get another guy to kiss her, so she could forget about the whole Nick debacle. She finds her next victim when Winston brings a pro footballer named Jax McTavish to the bar. It might be a little bit weird not one other girl tried to get his attention, but Jess still has to fight for him when Winston decides he is not going to give up on his new friend so easily. Unfortunately for Jess Jax is a little too emotional and immediately falls head over heels in love with her. Like Jess said: she was framed!

Who also shows up to the party is Cece and her new beau Shivrang. Their mothers both gave them their blessing to get married, but when Shivrang suggests “to do this thing” Cece isn’t so sure anymore. She is right that it’s nice to know when a proposal is happening. Luckily for her – only her – Shivrang climbs on stage right before Schmidt and Nick’s toast. He declares his love and proposes. Cece is completely overwhelmed by this gesture and says yes. Poor Schmidt! Shivrang steals his thunder, his special toast song and his soulmate. Nick and Schmidt might have been fighting before about Schmidt belittling Nick while he claims to have his life together when he is still living with his college roommate, Nick immediately goes after Schmidt. They make up and realize what they are celebrating in the first place. Aww. Equals FTW! – 8,5

This week’s favorite quote
Jess: “Ten years? You guys are like Bert and Ernie.”
Nick: “Gah! That was a trick. I was trying to get out of it.”
Jess: “I wish I knew what was going on inside Nick’s head. He’s like… grumpy mystery.”
Cece: “I used to just think that if I was being proposed to I would notice it was happening.”
Jess: “What happened to the guys in this bar? They open up a bus station next door?”
Schmidt: “I didn’t want balloons anyway. This isn’t a little girl’s birthday party. This is a celebration of friendship.”
Jess: “Oh, what am I going to do? I guess I’ll just have to use my eyes, hair, boobs, legs, and adorable personality. [laughs evil] Fool.” Winston’s response: “I got, like, three of those things.”
Schmidt: “What do you mean ‘what are we celebrating?’ We’re celebrating TinFinity! Ten years, two hearts, one home! Loyalty and great conversation. It’s right here on the cards!”
Schmidt: “Yeah. No, I’m fine. It’s just, I’m really annoyed about the lighting cues. Also, our girl-to-guy ratio is taking a real nosedive. I mean, we’re like two bro groups away from being a total wiener fest. It’s just really disappointing when things don’t work out the way you thought they would, you know?”
Nick: “Ten years of living together… upsetting, but kind of great, man.”
Schmidt: “Not having roommates is for real losers, you know that?”
Schmidt: “I know it sounds kind of cheesy, but I always thought that I was gonna be the man to bone Cece for the rest of her life.”


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