Smash 2×03: The parasite

Smash 2x03: The Dramaturg

Smash 2×03: The Dramaturg

Smash 2×03: The Dramaturg
Karen arranges a meeting between Derek, Jimmy and Kyle, to give the two latter a chance to present their Broadway show idea. The guys get really excited (but really just Kyle) and start rearranging their book creasy paper notes. When some of their notes seem to be lost, they realize they need a file from a laptop that’s apparently lying around at a very creepy place. As Kyle dramatically urges his friend ‘not to go back there’, Jimmy goes anyway and gets hit in the face by a vaguely grumpy dude. I’ll just move on quickly, as the Smash writers liked to do that too. When it’s finally time for their dinner meeting with Derek, Jimmy and Kyle get stood up because Derek’s too busy in rehearsal.

And by ‘in rehearsal’ I mean in rehearsal for Bombshell. Hurray, the show is back! Since Derek’s lost his job as director of The Wiz he’s keen on proving those producers wrong. With help of Veronica – Dorothy – Moore he invites the producer to a Bombshell presentation the next day. Maybe that will get him his job back, you never know.

Since Bombshell is back in business, it’s time to work on those book improvements. Remove the flaws and make it better. Tom and Julia are très excited to work very hard on it, but “no way Jose”. Eileen called in for help by a dramaturg. You know, someone who criticizes all of your hard work and makes a billion of changes to make it better. After laughing and then realizing that Eileen wasn’t joking, the excitement drops. Eventually they admit to take the plunge, but as soon as Peter (dramaturgs have names, yes) comes in with a huge bundle of notes and his presence appears to be a set-up by him and Eileen, Julia winds up in a fight with her new collaboration partner. Julia yells something about standing ovations, Peter yells something about the lack of sexiness. It’s a show about Marilyn, world’s most famous sex symbol for crying out loud! He dares Julia to write a new scene, hot and steamy. She does, for the Bombshell presentation the next day.

You’re right, the exact presentation that Derek also wanted to use for his own benefits. Let’s just say things do not work out very well for Derek when scenes get PG-rated. He doesn’t get his job back, but he winds up getting Veronica Moore’s attention…

Ivy auditions for Broadway show Liaisons. In the blur of the moment she asks for a chance to audition for the lead role, Cecile. After singing a sappy imaginary song to Derek and receiving some help from Tom, she auditions and gets the part. The one who laughs last…

Derek pays a surprise visit to Jimmy and Kyle to finally hear their story. A promise is a promise. If only the writers could promise to make next week’s episode as good as the season premiere again. – 7,5/8

This week’s favorite quote
– Tom: “Art without torture. I don’t think it’s possible.”


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