Revenge 2×15: Distractions ahoy

Revenge 2x15: Retribution

Revenge 2×15: Retribution

Revenge 2×15: Retribution
I haven’t been the biggest fan of the second season and this episode was – unfortunately – no exception. I have mixed feelings about it, because I really want to like this show, but something seems missing these days. This week there was a lot of talk about retribution, but talking didn’t lead to action (yet). Of course Faux-manda’s funeral was very emotional and I loved Emily’s speech, but at the end of the episode I’m not blown away by it in general. I just hope the writers get their shit together soon.

Okay, let’s get back to what happened on this episode. Emily, Nolan and Aiden tried to track down Emily’s laptop which was stolen by Faux-manda. Jack who is in the hospital tries to beat everyone to it, because he wants to finish what Amanda started. Sort of, I think, because he doesn’t except Emily’s and Nolan’s help. Jack knows Conrad is the bad guy, so he decides to keep him close to eventually destroy him.

Emily loses her focus when Jack confronts her about her juvie life. She starts targeting her own (half) sister to make Victoria’s life miserable and even throws the retrieved laptop in the ocean without deleting its content. My theory is that Conrad got everyone into this mess and Victoria is trying to make it work. Which of course means that she will only try to save herself and her children, but I think Victoria isn’t pure evil. Conrad was just stupid and greedy about becoming more powerful and he has become paralyzed by his incapability to fix the mess with the Initiative. What convinced me that Victoria isn’t pure evil after all the awful things she has done? Her actions during the funeral. She stood by Charlotte and didn’t put her flower on top of the casket, but on David Clarke’s grave. It was clearly she didn’t lik Faux-manda (to be honest she hasn’t been an angel) but after everything has happened I think she still has feelings for David.

Daniel is testing Aiden trust (because he suspects him to work for the Initiative) and trying to get the Initiative’s eyes and ears out of his room. Nolan turned into life’s pawn, when Daniel wants him to destroy Carrion while Padma wants the complete version of the program to save her kidnapped father from the Initiative’s claws. In the end Emily meets her former foster brother, who could blow her whole secret identity! Oh, oh… Maybe that is the problem with Revenge. Emily, Nolan and even Aiden are digging a big hole for themselves and I get the feeling their only choice is to lie in it. During the first season Emily was more in control of the situation. Hopefully her back to basics plan is going to work out. – 7 (this okay rating is purely based on the funeral scene, the rest of it was rubbish.)

This week’s favorite quote
Nolan: “Nolan Ross, life’s pawn. How can I help?”
Emily’s eulogy: “Death is a thief. It takes and keeps all that a person is, that a person was. And when death takes from us someone as extraordinary as Amanda, it takes with it not just her past, but who she was to us every day. Amanda was special. But she never had it easy. A childhood torn from her, a rough adolescence and a damning identity that was thrust upon her, which she wore with dignity until she made herself a new name: Amanda Porter. A name that was her own, free from the binds of history, looking forward with a man who loved her for all of her strengths and all of her weaknesses. Amanda, all of us here today have embraced you, and we love you. We will protect the husband and child that you leave behind, the sister that you were just getting to know. And we will greet every new day as a gift, approaching it with the same bravery and determination with which you lived your entire life.”
Nolan talking about Daniel’s conscience: “Or maybe he’s just freaked out to realize he’s actually got one. Problem is, mine’s sending up red flags. Because of Padma’s father. Like I said, I’m life’s pawn. I just have to figure out who’s moving me next.”


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