The Carrie Diaries 1×09: Complicated women taking over the world since the eighties

The Carrie Diaries 1x09: The Great Unknown

The Carrie Diaries 1×09: The Great Unknown

The Carrie Diaries 1×09: The Great Unknown
Another decent episode of The Carrie Diaries. Carrie is scared of being in a relationship, Dorrit goes missing, Sebastian becomes the hero, Larissa and Tom have the talk, Walt comes clean to Donna and Mouse meets her new nemesis/love interest West (duh!).

Did you have to laugh a little when Carrie got super emotional about not knowing what will happen between her and Sebastian? Girl, if you would know, you will try to change it. Of course it a legitimate fear, but the crying was a bit too fake. Another girl who likes to know to control a situation is Mouse. She has a funny little feud with a smart jock which involved a rubik’s cube. The might not be friends right now, but I think they will grow closer the next couple of episodes just because they understand each others workload.

Because Carrie wants to be easy breezy she gets surprised by Sebastian while she has to babysit Dorrit. Of course Dorrit is smart enough to leave the couple alone in a separate room and skip town. Sebastian helps Carrie track Dorrit down (Carrie is the worst detective, is Tom really sure that she would be a great lawyer?), but gets blamed for Dorrit leaving in the first place. Yeah right, if Carrie would have made her homework in the same room as her sister… I’m sorry, but Carrie has to come of her high horse sometimes. Luckily Sebastian and Carrie make up in the end.

We also get some insight in Dorrit actions. When I heard she was writing her essay about Sid and Nancy, I immediately thought of the (500) Days of Summer diner scene. I’m sorry, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel talking about the both of them is just burned in my brain. Back to TCD: I think Dorrit had a nice point when she talked about Romeo and Juliet. It’s nice to see the girls found some common ground. Dorrit’s philosophy on life made her seem fierce. I like it!

Another great thing this episode were the scenes between Donna and Walt. I really like she was so cool about Walt being gay (and helping him admit it). Some will probably doubt if Donna will be able to keep his secret, but I think she will. They might have broken up, but I hope they continue to have these interactions because they bring out the best version of each other.

Last but not least: the awesome conversation between Larissa and Tom. She clearly opened his eyes about Carrie, life and more. I really start to like Larissa. The only thing I hated is that every older woman who appears on screen immediately tries to get in Tom’s pants. Come on, he isn’t that irresistible. – 8

This week’s favorite quote
Larissa: “No. Women these days, we talk about these things. We have sex the way we want, live the way we want, even take the jobs we want. We’re a new breed, and we’ll take over the world. One day people will write about us.”
Dorrit: “Oh, and dreamboat? Way cooler than I expected for a pretty boy.”
Carrie: “Well, it’s morbid, so very possible.”
Larissa: “Just because they aren’t your dreams for her doesn’t mean they aren’t real and unattainable.”
Dorrit: “Don’t suck up to me. And don’t suck face in front of me.”
Carrie: “So I get why you wanted to come here, but I still don’t get why you’re so into their love story. It’s not very romantic. They both died.” Dorrit: “So did Romeo and Juliet. And that’s like the most romantic love story ever.”
Dorrit: “It’s two people who were artists and passionate who couldn’t live without each other. Plus Sid is kinda cute.”
Carrie: “That’s one thing we both got from mom… All this thinking.” Dorrit: “It’s exhausting.” Carrie: “Totally.”
Larissa: “No, your job is to let her become the person that she wants to be. Welcome to the new world, Tom Bradshaw. There’s a whole world of women… Complicated women, with our desires and passions and goals, and your daughter is one of them.”
Dorrit: “When mom got sick, I swore to myself I would live big, even if it was scary or scared other people. I don’t care what happens ’cause it could all just be taken away anyway, even if you’re a good girl or do the right thing.”
Larissa: “If you don’t let Carrie explore the world and figure out what she wants to be, she’ll never become the person she’s supposed to be. Someone who’s happy and loves who she is.”


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