Pretty Little Liars 3×23: Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer

Pretty Little Liars 3x23: I'm Your Puppet

Pretty Little Liars 3×23: I’m Your Puppet

Pretty Little Liars 3×23: I’m Your Puppet
There is only one week left to speculate who is the girl in the red coat and Radley holds more secrets than you could ever imagine. Luckily for us, Spencer is of her meds and busy investigating the place amongst other things like joining the A-team. Yeah, you didn’t see that one coming either right? Let’s hope it’s part of a bigger plan to reveal Red Riding Hood. The Hastings seem to know a lot these days. Even Spencer’s mom knew more about Ali’s final days then the girls. Seeing Spencer interact with her mom and getting to know more about Ali’s actions was nice.

An interesting thing happened when Wren appeared at Radley, just at the moment Eddie handed Spencer Mona’s favorite game (also known as Mona’s personal map of Radley). Apparently Wren isn’t the stand up guy we thought he was (although we already knew that after he cheated on Melissa with Spencer, but that just semantics). He gave Cece a vistors pass to help Mona come to terms with Ali’s bullying. This was by far my favorite part of the episode: first Spencer looked like a angel of death sneaking down the halls of Radley. Then Ali appeared in a vision giving Spencer more information about what happened during the night Mrs. Hastings caught her sneaking in. After that reveal Spencer went looking for the star which was on the map (seriously it hard to keep up with what’s real, a vision or a flashback on this show sometimes). When she discovered Cece’s visitors pass Wren appeared to clear the air.

I just adore it when the girls have visions of Ali, it always is a small riddle. You could also argue the fact that all the girls are cray-cray for seeing their dead friend but let’s not go there just yet (although I can’t remember if Hanna ever had such a vision, so maybe she is the only sane one). The significant part was Ali describing a girl as her attacker (my best guess Cece or Melissa) and Cece having access to Mona. It might be easy to say that Cece is the blond girl in the red coat, but she has motive (we learned that Ali got her kicked out of university). So I think she is at least part of the A-team, because every member we met until now has a personal grudge against Ali. Cece is a few years older than the rest of the A-team (we have met until now), so that would make the fact of her being the leader a more likely possibility. Of course the person in the red coat could wear a wig, but I don’t think another character we already know could fill this position (otherwise the writers would have to explain a lot in the final episode of the season). The other possibility is that the writers stick with story in the books or Spencer has been terrorized by her sister all this time.

In the meantime the other girls get tricked by A. Caleb’s father gets framed by A, which screws up his relationship with Caleb (which is actually kind of sad, but on the other hand seeing Caleb bonding with him hasn’t been very interesting so far). Aria loses Malcolm because A picks him up at karate class before she arrives. In the end we learn Spencer was the acting A. Because of this Aria decides that it’s time to let Ezra go before she is going to get hurt. This storyline with Malcolm was kind of stupid, she could have asked him to describe the girl who took him (instead of asking about her name) or he could slip up while talking to Maggie about his day (which would make Maggie realized Aria messed up again). But I’m glad Ezria has finally broken up. I hope this break up is final so Aria could start getting a life. We also learn Toby’s body has been found via Emily and her mom. Or at least a body with an identical tattoo (which seemed to fade a bit?!). I said it before the episode on Twitter and I will say it again: I think we are being tricked into believing it’s Toby. It’s so weird we haven’t seen a face yet and a tattoo can easily be faked. Nevertheless I’m really excited to see the final episode of season three this week! – 8,5

This week’s favorite quote
Hanna: “Um, no. You are going through those racks. This isn’t a clearance sale, Emily, and I’m freaking out.” [Emily: “All we’ve done is walk through those doors.”] “It doesn’t matter! I smell dead people.”
Ali: “Oh, sweetie, girls fight much dirtier than boys. I’m lucky she didn’t leave a scar.”
Hanna: “God, this is so wrong. You spend your whole life doing crunches, getting rid of tan lines, not eating that second pudding. And then in the end you’re just a stale loaf of bread lying on a rack.”


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