The Vampire Diaries 4×16: Girls just wanna have fun

The Vampire Diaries 4x16: Bring It On

The Vampire Diaries 4×16: Bring It On

The Vampire Diaries 4×16: Bring It On
I know this was a very Elena centered episode, but the girl is being a spoiled brat (and not in a good way). So I’m not letting her take over my post too. Plus I just really like this shot of Damon and Rebekah (great lighting!). Basically I wrapped my whole review in one sentence. Elena sans humanity has been one big mess, even the sire bond doesn’t work anymore (so their plan to let Damon ask her to switch her humanity back in the future on isn’t going to work either).

You got to hand it to her, it was smart to ask for her old spot back on the cheerleading team. First I thought it was fun, to see Elena get this side of her out of her system, but then she started acting jealous when Stefan and Caroline joined the party. She was so selfish at that point! Just like Katherine, who always wanted both brothers fixating on her. Then she got cocky and almost tried to kill Caroline. Get it together, Elena!

In the meantime Damon, Klaus and Rebekah tried to find out where Katherine is hiding. They all had different methods, but it made us cross paths with Damon’s old New York friend. I bet that’s where Katherine is hiding out because Damon doesn’t take a road trip just to have a good time. Rebekah finished last, because Damon interfered and Klaus tried to get information out of Hayley. But Rebekah did inform us that Shane is dead, so the next time we see him walking around town we know for sure it’s Silas (who has been stealing the blood supply of Mystic Falls Hospital among others). Also Klaus and Hayley hooked up. I’m sorry I could care less about that fact (besides Joseph Morgan’s awesome tattoo). I still don’t feel sorry for Hayley, because she is an orphan. The only way I see her is an evil person who convinced Tyler to go after Klaus (which was the biggest mistake of his life basically). Plus I hoped the “Klaus without a shirt” scene (which was teased a while back in an interview) would have involved Klaroline. Although I suspected it would be Klaus walking out of shower or something like that. I don’t hate Phoebe Tonkin by the way, but I just don’t care for her storyline. I hope the writers will make her a little bit more likeable in the future (with the backdoor pilot coming up).

Before I forget! Does Tyler’s letter means Michael Trevino has permanently left the show? That would suck for Caroline and in general! I know he got a big emotional scene a few episodes ago, but I thought he would show up again in the future. It feels like he simply got written out of the show right now (and that’s no way of leaving The Vampire Diaries). – 7,5

This week’s favorite quote
Damon to Klaus: “So I just came up with a list. It’s called things you suck at. Number one: finding Katherine, ever.”
Hayley about Katherine escaping Klaus for such a long time: “It doesn’t take resolve. It takes allies, a network of people willing to do anything for you, including chase down loose ends to their death. That’s how Katherine escaped you all this time.”


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