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5 reasons why we (already) adore the Veronica Mars Movie

Veronica Mars - The Movie, created by Rob Thomas

Veronica Mars – The Movie, created by Rob Thomas

Raise your hand if you had your own little Tom Cruise jumping up and down on the couch moment, when you heard the news of the Veronica Mars Movie. Yes, along time ago we used to be friends… uhm, I mean fans. I have watched the Kickstarter video so many times now, I almost know it by heart. It just makes me smile! That’s why I decide to spread the marshmallow love some more by making a list of what makes this movie awesome. Here we go!

1. The Kickstarter video was hilarious. For the fans it was just one big trip down memory lane and for other people it was an amusing clip. Seeing Kristen Bell having her inner monologue, Jason’s teen soap smoldering look, Enrico’s Gollum like personal dialogue and imagining a big blonde dude crawling through a doggy door which is actually meant for a corgi, must have made everyone smile. Plus wasn’t this like the best bromance moment ever?!

Dick (Ryan Hansen) and Logan (Jason Dohring), a VM bromance

Dick (Ryan Hansen) and Logan (Jason Dohring),
a VM bromance

2. The actors really want this project to happen. I think it’s quite admirable that the cast is still so invested in the show after six years. Not trying to be evil, but the Gossip Girl cast was actually glad they could finally move on after six years (but maybe that show was on the air too long anyway). So that’s why I think it’s awesome that the actors and creators politely answered the same question about the Veronica Mars Movie in interviews over and over again, and stuck their necks out to make this happen. They are going to work cheap to get as many people as possible on board and even former guest stars like Max Greenfield (VM’s Deputy Leo, who’s the famous Schmidt these days on New Girl) is excited that the movie is happening.

3. Lilly Kane is the Alison DiLaurentis of our generation. Take that Pretty Little Liars fans, there was another famous dead girl haunting her former best friend. I don’t think many people know that the now famous Amanda Seyfried played this part. I really loved that Rob Thomas mentioned her in the video (“there is dead dead and there is tv dead”). Plotwise I think it could be possible. It’s a 10-year high school reunion and if they would visit the school they have to walk by her memorial fountain. Veronica and her friends discussing what Lilly might be doing right now if she was still alive would be a nice flash forward. The “Lily Dreams On” scene still gives me goosebumps.

4. We are finally getting a decent ending! It still hurts to see Veronica walking down the street in the rain. So it’s nice to get some closure. Of course it’s no internship at the FBI, but we get the chance to see a lot of familiar faces again with this 10-year high school reunion plot (Weevil, Mac, Wallace and many more).

5. The fans made it happen. Okay, this may have nothing to do with the movie but it’s a great thing that after all those years speculating about it the internet community made the movie possible. Warner Bros. didn’t want to take a leap before, because of the niche market Veronica Mars focus on. I’m glad the audience showed the studio that the fans are still out there. The reached the goals of 2 million dollars within a day!

It was actually kind of disturbing to read that other people started to judge the VM fanbase for supporting the movie (and suggest that they should have donated this money to charity). Supporting a movie doesn’t mean the fans don’t support charities in general. I think everyone has a right to decide what they want to do with their own money. We don’t judge you for buying a new shirt, while you still have six others laying around in perfect shape. It would be strange if we would pressure you to give that money to charity, right? Most of the time the internet tries to tear something or someone down. So let’s focus on the fact that something fun and nice happened because of the internet. Because getting a big group of people to achieve something together is a small miracle these days. (I just had to get that of my chest).

Of course it’s going to take a whole year before we are actually going to see this movie (and I hope they work something out for the international fans). In the meantime I’ll be watching my Veronica Mars DVDs.

PS: You can back this project until April 12 on Kickstarter. At the moment (when I’m writing this) they are close at hitting the 4 million dollars.

Update 7/4/13: If you wondered if I backed the movie. Yes, I did. It wasn’t possible for Dutchies at first and I don’t own a creditcard, but with some help from my sister I was able to support this project. I really think they deserve it and it’s a great to watch the movie (and own it legally) when it’s released, because it probably won’t be in the Dutch cinemas. If you are still doubting about supporting this project, just do it. I think it will be worth every penny you decide to pledge. They are currently close to hitting 5 million and they take 1 dollar donations (which is nice to the people who don’t have that much money to spend). Let’s make it happen!


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