Revenge 2×16: All about my brother

Revenge 2x16: Illumination

Revenge 2×16: Illumination

Revenge 2×16: Illumination
Amanda’s old foster brother Eli is in town. He was too late to attend the funeral, but right on time for the big party to honor Faux-manda and the brand new foundation which is named after her. Fun fact: the foundation is a front for the Graysons to store their money when the feds come after them again and freeze their accounts.

Emily tries to keep her foster brother in check, when he discovers her secret because of her tattoo (which looks worse ever episode… come on make up department, you can do better!). She tries to convince him she just moved on and helps him to lose his criminal record and start a new life somewhere. But he double crosses her, because he gets the feeling there is something more going on.

Who is also acting fishy is Charlotte. She is dodging Declan for no apparent reason. Which is a bitchy move, in my opinion. Victoria is anti-Emily again and doesn’t trust one word that comes from her mouth. She asks Eli to join the foundation as co-chair, ouch.

In the meantime Daniel can’t really handle all the Initiative pressure. The only thing the viewers will think is “I told you so!” because clearly the guy wants his old life back. The only thing he can do is let Aiden take the fall for him. After coming clean to Emily (sort of), he decides to join the game, because it’s the only way to survive it. I think it wasn’t Emily’s intention to get Aiden in to trouble, but let’s put that on her big “to fix” list.

After Daniel’s confession to Emily, she realizes she can make the Graysons poor (because that’s the biggest punishment for a billionaire). With some help of Nolan she tries to steal their money, but there is more trouble ahead. Master code guy The Falcon has created the account and that’s the only code Nolan’s precious Carrion can’t crack. This part included a nice flashback of Nolan and David Clarke, because The Falcon is the guy with all the answers and apparently very cocky about leaving his own name in his codes. I actually enjoy this new development. I hope the show starts focussing on The Falcon as the new bad guy and start to forget about The Initiative.

The price for biggest douchebag goes to Jack. Who still doesn’t want to hear Nolan and Emily out and is as vindictive as hell. Although you can see him fail a mile ahead, because that’s what he always does. It was a nice touch that Nolan blamed the rescue thing on daddy Teen Wolf (Kenny Ryan), because he won’t be around anymore to verify this fact. No news yet on Padma and her daddy, which I’m glad about, because YAWN! Overall not bad, but this is far from back to basics, Ems. – 7

This week’s favorite quote
Emily’s voice-over: “To carry a secret is to play with fire. Try to pass it on, and you risk hurting someone else. Hold on to it and eventually, you’ll get burned.”
Eli: “You’re lookin’ pretty good for a dead girl.”


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