Go On 1×19: Soulmates love math and the mysterious Mr. K

Go On 1x19: Go for the Gold Watch

Go On 1×19: Go for the Gold Watch

Go On 1×19: Go for the Gold Watch
Ryan finally achieved his goal of becoming the numer one radioshow host on the air. But unfortunately his personal happiness didn’t improved because of it. Lauren suggest that he should help someone out to feel better about himself. So Ryan decides to help Danny with conquering Sonia’s heart. The perfect opportunity for it is at a nice dinner party hosted by Mr. K. This gives Owen and Anne finally the chance to look into Mr. K’s personal story. Nobody seems to know his real name or the reason why he has joined their group in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Mr. K kind of crazy storylines, but I think this one was a bit too much. Or at least the revelation of a doll that was changed into a Ryan King doll afterwards. What was fun about the whole dinner party, was Lauren and Steven’s duet (plus their soulm8 score and Dirty Dancing moves). Although Steven isn’t part of the group, he isn’t a stranger anymore when he hangs out with them. I wonder if this episode tried to teach something about relationships and falling in love. Since Wyatt tries to change Lauren so much I think this marriage is never going to happen. Also the outfit swap with Danny and Terrell didn’t work out either, because Sonia wasn’t really interested in this improved version of Danny. Unfortunately for her Danny was preoccupied with the cook and left the party early, before Ryan could fix things. I really liked Sonia and Ryan hanging out at the bar in the end. Sonia asking Ryan why he isn’t more together (because he is already 40 years old) was funny.

It was a nice episode, but not outstanding. Can’t wait to see Mr. and Mrs. Bing reunite on television next week by the way! – 7

This week’s favorite quote
Sonia: “Damn it! You messed up my bomb-ass weave, and I’m all out of hair glue!”
Mr. K: “You know, Anne, unlike your generation, who’s all about your Facebook updates and your sexting, I choose to keep a few things private.”
Lauren: “Oh, you chewy little bitch. Oh, that’s what a mouth is for!”
Fausta: “Can’t we just take a pill? What’s Fausta on? Can I just take a bunch of that?”
Ryan: “Lauren, Project “Be Happy By Helping Others” is a complete disaster.”
Owen: “What’s wrong with you? How much weed did you smoke in the ’70s?” Anne: “A lot. What’s your point?”


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