New Girl 2×19: You are the one that I want

New Girl 2x19: Quick Hardening Caulk

New Girl 2×19: Quick Hardening Caulk

New Girl 2×19: Quick Hardening Caulk
The trouble with love is when you finally find someone you actually want, they have moved on (more or less). That’s what happening to our favorite loft couple. Jess finally has seen the light and Nick is sleeping with his new bar manager, who actually looks a lot like his former stripper girlfriend don’t you think? Our favorite couple are thrown together in a local hardware store, because Nick is trying to better his life. Jess trying to keep her cool at the hardware store was hilarious.

Their fight in the end was kind of weird, but also funny. She can’t blame Nick for moving on, because she has been pushing him away for awhile now. Of course them hooking up for real isn’t going to happen soon (I had to laugh when Nick broke Schmidt’s aquarium). But I don’t mind the writers are dragging it along at the moment. At least they admit they have feelings for each other. I can wait for the season finale for the big Ness moment.

Let’s talk about poor Schmidt, who just lost the love of his life and is in completely denial about it. Luckily for him, Winston tries to cheer him up by taking him to a big fish tank, were Schmidt meets his new true love, a lionfish. I loved how he obsessed over it, only in a way Schmidt can do. Winston protecting his friend (by speaking up to Cece) was super sweet. I think it was a smart move to let Schmidt move on at the end of the episode. Of course there will be some awkward run-ins between the two, but at least he doesn’t seem desperate. – 8,5/9

This week’s favorite quote
Schmidt: “Look at that. So beautiful and exotic. Perfect curves. Giant almond eyes. Caramel-colored stripes. Sumptuous lips.”
Schmidt: “Why can’t I have the things that I want?”
Schmidt: “A rare beauty. The result of generations of interracial fish breeding. Just undulating in that water with that wry smile. Perfect, round fish breasts.”
Schmidt: “They say it’ll be impossible for me to have it. But I’ll get it. She will be mine, and we will create a life together.”
Schmidt: “You can’t put a woman in a fish tank, Winston.”
Winston: “Okay, look, look, I know this is a dumb question, but will number two help?”
Nick: “You’re a frickin’ gold digger, Jess.”
Jess: “If I were a gold digger, do you think I’d be interested in you? I would be the worst gold digger in the world.”


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