Pretty Little Liars season three finale: All things truly wicked start from innocence

Pretty Little Liars 3x24: A Dangerous gAme

Pretty Little Liars 3×24: A Dangerous gAme

Pretty Little Liars 3×24: A Dangerous gAme
This season finale confirmed our thoughts about certain questions. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good episode, but it means you had to look for interesting new insights. Luckily I spotted a few.

Hanna, Emily and Aria realized quite quickly that Spencer joined the other team, but they tricked her with red coat to know if she was still on their team too. Before I start talking about A, let’s cheer for a second that Ezria finally broke up. I think it was stupid Ezra kissed Aria so passionately. He should have done that a few episodes ago if he wanted to save his relationship. Please can he be kicked of the show, right now?! (Ezria shippers are going to hate me now…)

Okay, back to the interesting stuff that happened this episode. We learned there is a team Jenna (a.k.a. evil Shana, Melissa and of course Jenna, plus some mysterious person on the phone). Of course there is the A-team which consists of Mona, Toby and a mysterious computer nerd (some people suspect Caleb, but I wouldn’t understand his motives and they couldn’t use the “I wanted to protect you” motive for a second time and I don’t think it was Spencer either). But at the end of the episode the four Liars and (almost) the whole A-team collided.

While Mona sent Toby and Spencer outside (because surprise, surprise he is still alive), the other Liars enter the room and the four of them get locked in and almost burned alive. But before that happened Mona screamed she would never learn who Red Coat was. I don’t think it’s weird that she didn’t know who her leader was. A true leader (of the bad kind like the mob) never gets his hands dirty. But there is one weird thing. Mona claimed in the car that it all started when she visited Radley for the first time. Before that she was already stalking the girls (and she certainly didn’t work alone). It makes me wonder if there were three teams in stead of two (team Mona next to team Jenna and the A-team). Or is team Jenna a more cruel version of the A-team? At least two of the members hold a grudge against the four Liars and Jenna was taking orders from someone. Maybe the mysterious person on the phone was Wilden, because why would they save that guy in the first place?! I suspect it was team Jenna who knock out Toby and set the house on fire. Maybe Team Jenna is part of all the life threatening stuff the Liars have to endure and the A-team just try to give the Liars a good scar. That certainly will be something Ali could do, think of the season two Halloween episode (and it would clarify why she would save them from the burning house).

Because that was the big reveal! Ali is A. Or she has a twin sister who’s alive (yes, I’m talking about the way it’s done in the books, but I won’t spoil anything else because I haven’t read them). Maybe it wasn’t as shocking as the finale shot, but it was a nice twist. Talking about the end: we saw yet again a hand coming out of the dirt, but this time someone else grabbed the hand. I think it only shows how little we know about the real A and her motives to haunt the girls. Yes, this shot stuck more with me than the trunk moment. It’s hard to guess who is inside, but I think it’s Cece, because none of the girls was really devastated so it wasn’t somebody who’s close to them (now I’m starting to hope it was Shana, but that would be stupid because she has been the only real threat to the girls for now. Or maybe there isn’t a body at all). Whatever Pretty Little Liars next move will be (although it probably has something to do with the Hemingway novel), I’ll be looking forward to the new season in June. – 8

This week’s favorite quote
Hanna: “And when were you going to clue us in on your double agent status, Nikita?”
Mona: “It’s her. Don’t you get it? She can do anything. She’s everywhere and she’s nowhere.”
Spencer: “You know how I feel about hope. Breeds eternal misery.”
Hanna’s reason for hating Shana: “Because she flirts with everyone but me.”


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