Suburgatory 2×15: Live before you leave

Suburgatory 2x15: Leaving Chatswin

Suburgatory 2×15: Leaving Chatswin

Suburgatory 2×15: Leaving Chatswin
It’s nice to learn a cliché life lesson that you’ve heard a billion times before but occasionally need a reminder of.

Old fellow Marty likes himself some steam room. So far we knew. During a weekly steamy moment (literally steamy, it’s three dudes talking in a steam room, you pervert) George admits to Marty how little he knows about him. After a few seconds of awkward silence, Marty opens up about his breakfast and how he has never left Chatswin. The man’s got 3000 vacation days saved up and is waiting for the right moment to travel. “The best years of my life are ahead of me!”. Sure. The dude’s a hundred years old! Sad fact is he’ll never become 101. After Marty, I’m guessing, hobbled his way into the steam room, the only way he’s leaving is zipped up, in a white body bag.

And so Noah and George organize a memorial, which can go into books as first (and probably last) memorial ever to make me laugh out loud. After a beautiful memorial song from Dalia (including oh so funny photo slide show) and the story of Marty’s mail man about not receiving many parcels, it’s time for George to speak a word. After all, he’s the only one who knows what Marty for breakfast. He’s basically his bestie. It’s no surprise then when George gets to have Marty’s ashes…..
Confused about his responsibility for Marty’s final resting place, George tries to find out more about his “bestie”.

Tessa is still mad about Ryan lying about his three day away game. She assumes he’s cheating on her, but what he really has been up to is even more shocking: he’s been applying for colleges. Apparently Ryan is already preparing for his life without Tessa, which makes Tessa think about her college life as well. Just as she realized her and Ryan are destined to go two different ways, Ryan’s decided to sacrifice his Gift of the Lord (that’s how he calls his perfect body, but who blames him) for the love of his life. Some weird things happen with the photo shop guy clubbing Ryan in the knees, and the love duo decides to make the best of the time they have together. Aw, how cute.
Also, Dalia and Noah finally admit to their (rather unexpected) feelings. Apart from each other and to other people, it’s not that unexpected and forbidden by law. – 7,5/8

This episode’s best quotes
– George: “Hi.” Dallas: “Hi George!” (So super not funny out of context, but still… had me laughing)
– Ryan: “I’m not gonna let my perfectly chiseled physique come between us.”


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