The Mindy Project 1×15: Watching Mindy’s Minute

The Mindy Project 1x15: Mindy’s Minute

The Mindy Project 1×15: Mindy’s Minute

The Mindy Project 1×15: Mindy’s Minute
Watching Mindy’s Minute, it really was sensational. (Unforgettable, more so.)

Mindy decided to gain the practice some extra publicity by participating in taxi cab videos. But the memo about not using a Muppet Show costume and sock puppet while giving health information, yeah, she didn’t get that one. Laughing, joking, mocking (and in case of frustrated taxi cab drivers: intensely hating) ensues.

To make it even more painful, rival Downton Women’s Holistic Health Center did gain more clients from their new slick and smooth ad campaign. Therefore Jeremy and Danny decide to focus on the practice’s marketing strategy and exclude Mindy from their consultation. Another cab video fail is not what the practice needs anyway, right? Yeah you two should probably rethink about that, quick, hurry, before the two channel 8 news folks come in!

Because the Channel 8 News didn’t just not like Mindy’s cab video, they loved it. And every pity-rating bit about it. They offer her to host a segment on the five o’clock news, which Mindy first declines but then decides to do anyway. If only to get people’s attention of the Muppet Show costume. And her secret desire of becoming a celebrity doctor.

As an enthusiastic fan of the local news, Danny helps Mindy to prepare for her segment. They practice and practice and practice, until an hour before the show when Mindy receives a phone call from one of her clients. Client Kelsey thinks she’s going into labor for the tenth time this week and begs Mindy to hurry to the hospital. Mindy’s mind is torn between her longing for fame and doctor’s duty. She leaves set.

Danny replaces her. Who knew a segment without costume could fail even more?
And who knew Beverly, by the way? Did this new colleague come right out of the blue or what? I’m dying to know the writer’s motives for replacing Shauna with old miss grumpypants. – 7

This episode’s best quote
– Morgan: “Great story Parker, really had a beginning, middle and an end.” (Poor poor Parker)


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