Modern Family 4×16: Plan Bieber

Modern Family 4x16: Bad Hair Day

Modern Family 4×16: Bad Hair Day

Modern Family 4×16: Bad Hair Day
Claire is going to her school reunion and she is glad Phil isn’t by her side so that she can drink as much alcohol as she wants and doesn’t have to explain every inside joke. But there is another reason: she used to date one of her professors. Unfortunately for her, Phil’s bowling appointment with Jay is cancelled and he shows up after all. He realizes soon that Claire dated someone at the party, but he’s targeting the wrong person at first. It was actually kind of funny, especially when we saw how Claire’s life could have turned out. Which wasn’t so great after all (think: still living at campus in a dorm room). It’s the little things that make you appreciate your own achievements.

Gloria tries to maintain her new image since she had little Joe. Finally she isn’t just the trophy wife anymore, she is the “I don’t know how she does it” lady with a lot of appointments. But it’s difficult to resist using the spa voucher Jay found in his bowling bag from last year’s bowling tournament. It’s kind of difficult to explain what happens exactly, but I’ll try (if you don’t get it by the end just know it was very funny!).

Jay is preparing for his bowling game (by hiring an old professional and cheating). But he has to help out Manny, because he is depressed about not getting the lead in the show. Apparently Manny suffers from stage fright. It’s seems like Jay ditches hem, but he actually helps him out in a nice way. He makes Manny sing in a bus full of people to get over his stage fright (which actually helps by the way).

Mitchell feels guilty about letting Gloria trip and promises to take care of little Joe for the day. In the meantime Cam is photographing Lily for their Oscar party. She is dressed up as different starlets and actually does a great job at being the spoiled actor. But of course a true star has an attitude, so she hands in her notice and Cam decides to use Joe as a replacement. Everything seems great (besides Joe wearing a dress), but when they tried to change his wig it’s stuck. Apparently Lily glued it to his head. Oops! They tried to get it lose by standing in a bathroom full of steam. Cam even tries a Bieber haircut (which was just too funny!), but in the end they have to give him a very bad haircut. This is where it’s get confusing… everyone owed everyone a favor, so they tricked each other for taking the blame. Gloria saw that they lied, but she played the best trick by letting everyone believe she had be doing all her tasks while walking around with a painful ankle, but she was actually at the spa using Jay’s voucher.

There was also a funny bit about every Dunphy man tripping in Phil’s new bowling shoes. When the Dunphy girls tried it, nothing happened. It might be totally irrelevant to mention this bit in the review, but this was one of the few Modern Family episodes where I liked every storyline which was in it (even this small bit). I think that’s quite an achievement and I hope the writers are able to keep this up! – 8,5

This week’s favorite quote
Cam to Lily: “Okay, where was that attitude when we were doing Greta Garbo?”
Mitchell: “We’ve had my dad’s baby for 45 minutes, and he’s already in a dress.”

Modern Family 4x16: Lily in her costume

Modern Family 4×16: Lily in her costume


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