What to watch: Start obsessing over Twisted

Twisted 1x01: Pilot

Twisted 1×01: Pilot

There is a new bad boy on your telly you just have to check out!

What is Twisted about?
Danny Desai returns to his old life in Green Grove after spending five years in juvie because he murdered his aunt with a jump rope when he was eleven. Of course he becomes the new outcast at the local high school. He even gets a nickname: Socio. On his first day he tries to reconnect with his former best friends Jo and Lacey. Which is kind of difficult, because they have fallen out of touch too. Jo is more of a loner these days and Lacey is the queen bee who dates a football jock and has two new best friends (Regina and Sarita) following her around school. Everyone goes to Regina’s party. She also invited Danny, because she wants to hook up with him and got cocky when her friends dared her. The three former best friends are thrown together when Sarita gets Jo drunk. Both girls reconnect with Danny and try to find out what happened a few years ago which lead to Danny murdering his aunt. The next morning not everyone seemed to have survived Regina’s party and of course everyone thinks that Danny murdered another person. Oh, oh, even the viewers don’t know if he did it, but he looks guilty…. To be continued!

The cast and characters of Twisted
Avan Jogia as Danny Desai: The leading lad of Twisted, who has spent most of his teen years in juvie after killing his aunt with a jump rope when he was eleven. You might know Avan from Victorious. ABC Family did a killer job on casting the lead for this show and the new network’s stud. You can already hear girls across the world faint when he flashes a smile (Just kidding! Okay, not entirely…). Luckily for us he has to brood and look mysterious and slightly menacing most of time, so we are able to focus on the actual storylines.
Maddie Hasson as Jo: Former best buddy of Danny and Lacey. After he was sent away she became more of an einzelgänger. She’s also the chief of police’s daughter and friends with the nerdy Rico.
Kylie Bunbury as Lacey: The other former best buddy of Danny and Jo. She and Jo lost touch because of Danny’s conviction. She coped in an entirely different way and became the queen bee, which of course includes two new minions… uhm I mean new best friends Regina and Sarita.
Sam Robards as Kyle Masterson: Father of Jo and chief of police in Green Grove. You might recognize him from Gossip Girl where he played Nate Archibald’s dad the Captain.
Denise Richards as Karen Desai: Mother of Danny and widow of her late husband Vikram Desai, who fell of a company yacht while he was intoxicated and his body was never recovered. Mrs. Desai was certainly a trophy wife and  tries really hard to be the perfect mother and get her old status back. The Desai family couldn’t leave Green Grove, because of their money problems.
Kimberly Quinn as Tess Masterson: Mother of Jo and wife of Kyle Masterson. The only job she had to do in the pilot was worry about her daughter, so I wonder if she is going to get her own storyline.
Grey Damon as Archie: He is a football jock and Lacey’s current boyfriend.
Ashton Moio as Rico: Jo’s nerd best friend, who’s actually kind of funny.
Karynn Moore as Regina: One of Lacey’s best friends who sets her eye on Danny when he walks into their high school. Which might not have been the smartest move…
Jamila Velazquez as Sarita: Lacey’s bitchy best friend, who doesn’t like Danny.

What’s good so far
Maybe it’s because I adore shows who awaken my inner Nancy Drew, but I actually loved this pilot. It was a great kick-off for the show. We got to know the characters (or at least the vital information you need to know for now) and it ended with an exciting cliffhanger, which makes you want to tune in for the next episode. The murder mystery side of the show is similar to Pretty Little Liars, so it’s a smart move of ABC Family to program it on the same night because I think the PLL fans will certainly love it. If I have to rate this pilot, it would certainly get an 8,5.

What needs some work
There aren’t many things that need work on this show, which is a good sign. But as I mentioned before, I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of Jo’s mother is on the show. I hope the work out an interesting storyline for the parents as well, because not many shows these days are able to do that. Just check out The O.C. and One Tree Hill for some pointers on this matter. And I wonder what they will do about the required love triangle. I wonder if it will revolve around Danny, Lacey and Archie or Lacey, Danny and Jo. Although it would be stupid when both former best friends want to hook up with Danny, I hope Jo and Danny just become really good friends minus the sexual tension.

Should it get a full season order?
Yes! I’m dying to know why Danny killed his aunt in the first place and how he ended up with a similar necklace like Regina’s. Plus I have a feeling that his dead dad is going to show up somehow (I just learned about the soap opera rules via Pretty Little Liars: when they haven’t identified a body of the deceased, that person can always appear on the show again).

What did you think of the Twisted sneak peek? Are you going to tune in for more episodes in June?


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