Arrow 1×17: Good girls go bad

Arrow 1x17: The Huntress Returns

Arrow 1×17: The Huntress Returns

Arrow 1×17: The Huntress Returns
The Huntress is back and she wants Ollie’s help to kill her father, but she isn’t happy when she noticed he has moved on. I actually find McKenna quite boring, so I’m glad Helena is back to mix everything up a bit. Ollie clearly has still feelings for her and doesn’t know how to deal with her awful behavior (because don’t get me wrong, I hate her way of justice). I think Ollie made the right decision – in the end – not to stand by her any longer. She obviously gave him up to the police, although Lance and McKenna didn’t believe her. But somehow she got McKenna curious, because she just had to check the backyard by herself. Well she definitely learned the hard way that’s not the right choose when it comes to these villains. I wouldn’t have minded if she died because she obeyed her orders, but having her moving to another city is fine by me too. Sorry Ollie and McKenna shippers, I didn’t see the chemistry between them…

I’m also glad Tommy and Ollie made up. Tommy doesn’t seem like a guy who can hold a grudge for long when it comes to his reappeared best friend (the whole “fight” also seemed a bit ridiculous and childish by the way). But I think it’s just a matter of time Tommy’s conscious gets the better of him, which will make him spills the beans to Laurel and/or his dad. I guess that would give some sort of a thrill to the show.

Another big thing this episode were the Lance family problems. To be honest I’m not really interested in the whole “Sarah might be alive” storyline. I wonder what an alive and well Sarah would bring to the table. I still hope the Black Canary part is meant for Laurel not her little sister. Hopefully they will speed this storyline up a little bit, so we can start to care about this character.

A storyline which I really liked was Thea’s. She and Roy have a nice thing going. She being the big girl, he being an ass actually, but saving her in the end because he kind of cares about her too. I thought it was funny she kissed him when he got his shot and said afterwards that it wasn’t so bad. His sincere fear of needles reminded me of the story about his mom. I think she might actually has been messed up by Vertigo. It’s seems Roy is going to be a key part in the next episode and I look forward to learn more about him and his background. – 7,5

This week’s favorite quote
Diggle: “Well, it’s the bad girls that I’m worried about.” [Ollie: “Helena.”] “Yes, or as I like to call her, your psycho ex-girlfriend.”
Thea after kissing Roy when he gets his shot: “Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?”
Felicity: “Now… Could be a crazy coincidence or your psycho ex-girlfriend – Dig’s words, not mine – is still in town.”


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